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our range of faux wood venetian blinds have been selected due to the look they have. They are incredibly similar to the real wood range that we run. They are lighter in weight, but to the eye they look the same. You can feel confident in buying faux wood knowing that they will last and are as durable as the actual wood equivalents. Part of essential range they are available in multiple colours and this means you can get them to tone in with your rooms. Free Samples are available. Faux wood is a cheaper equivalent to real wood blinds.

There are no products matching the selection.

Cheap Faux Wood Venetian Blinds.

By choosing faux wood you are in position to save a great deal of money compared to buying acutal wood blinds. This is due to the faux range being much cheaper to produce. We have offers available to mean that you can save by buying online with curtains2bedding. 

Colours of the Faux Range

Our ranger has a great deal of designs and patterns. They will tone into the majority of rooms as they can be made in 12 different colours and sizes. Simply select the colour that will best suit your room and get a free sample if you so wish and then you will be able to color match and get the possible finish for you home and decor.

Vain Widths

Our essential range is available in 3 width options for the finish that you require. 25mm / 35mm / 50mm. The width of the vain will impact the finish of the window. By having a larger 

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