4 Considerations Before Purchasing Blackout Curtains

Are you looking to purchase curtains for your bedroom? Do you want to install curtains in your studio room to block out unnecessary lighting? Blackout curtains can do the job for you! Not only do they do well in keeping light out, but they also look stunning at the same time. That said, know that blackout curtains come in a wide range of colours, designs, and fabrics, and choosing the right one for your needs will take a bit of effort.

In this article, we will share with you four considerations before purchasing blackout curtains.

Are they cost-effective?

There is no hiding the fact that blackout curtains cost more than traditional ones. That's because they're built with special fabrics that help absorbs light more effectively. Nevertheless, these curtains pay themselves off in energy savings and even repair costs.

The UV light can easily heat up a home, not to mention damage furniture and other items inside. With blackout curtains, not only does it keep the furniture safe from fading, but it'll also stop the UV light from heating the home. Because of this, whatever investment you made with the curtains will be paid off in terms of money saved from the utility bill.

Can they be DIY-ed?

If you can't bother with buying a new set of blackout drapes to darken your bedroom or any other room, you can just as easily make your own.

One way you can create your blackout curtains it to install two rods instead of one where your curtains hang on. From there, install another layer that absorbs light beneath the curtain hanging on a separate rod. Then, you can easily clip the two fabrics together to make it much less of a hassle handling, let alone installing two separate fabrics. Just be sure that whatever you do, ensure that the fabrics measure a few inches beyond the window frame. That way, the outdoor light won't bleed through the curtains accidentally.

Are they lighter than drapes?

Blackout curtains, while having extra fabric implemented into their construction, is more substantial than the typical curtains. Yet, they're still much lighter than drapes, because drapes implement multiple layers of fabrics.

If you're looking for a solution that provides a minimalistic appeal that's light and simple, then blackout curtains are the way to go. However, if you need something much heavier in both weight and aesthetics, drapes are what you should be looking at instead.

Do they come in white?

Just because they're named "blackout" doesn't mean they only come in black. They actually come in a variety of colours and designs, all of which are intended to fit anybody's home's aesthetics. If you're looking for white blackout curtains, you’re in luck because there are plenty of different styles to be found in the market.

Final words

Blackout curtains are useful for many applications. For some, it is used to ensure that they can enjoy a good night's rest away from any outdoor light while others merely want to keep their studio as dark as possible.

That said, keep the considerations above in mind before you head out to purchase your blackout curtains. That way, you'll be confident when it comes to buying a curtain, knowing that they'll deliver exactly what you want them to do––a dark room. If you can, also ensure that the materials are flame-retardant to add an extra layer of safety to your house.

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