Choosing Bay Window Curtain Poles

Bay Pole Room Set Which bay window pole is for you

Choosing which bay window curtain poles can be a difficult decision and one which requires some research to ensure you are selecting the right curtain pole for your window. As bay window are usually an awkward shape you need a product that is flexible. This involves selecting the pole on a variety of factors.

3 Sided Bay Window Curtain Pole Specification Bay Window Pole Specification for 3 Sided Bay Window Curtain Pole

What to look for when Buying Bay Poles

1 - The length - As all windows are not born equal. You will need to ensure you pole will cover the span you are wanting to cover. The majority of bay curtain poles are 400cm in length that will cover the distance of your traditional bay windows.

2. The colour of the metal or wood that you are going to have the pole to ensure that it is going to fit your room. In most cases the bay poles come in 4 colours; Satin Silver, Antique Brass, Chrome and Black. It comes down to the style that you have and what you want  to match the pole with. Usually this is switches and sockets and light fittings.

3. The finials on the poles. These are the finish to the pole and most people will choose something simple as not to detract from the curtains that are being put up to the window.

4. What components are included. Is the kit designed for 3 sided or 5 sided bay windows. Or will you need a custom component kit to get your bay pole to fit your window.


Measuring Bay Windows for Curtain Poles.

Measuring is the secret to anything to do with curtains and blinds. You will need to take your time to ensure you get the correct length for your pole. Start by get a metal tape measure and following the contours of your window. Simply track the line that the pole is going to follow. If you are wanting to be precise you can use a piece of string and tack it around the line that you are following.  This will give you a measurement that is the pole length required.


Fitting Bay Window Curtain Poles

Again the art to fitting bay window curtain poles is measuring twice and cutting once. You should ensure that each section fits nicely into the area you are trying to fit. See the fitting bay curtain poles guides;

3 Sided bay window pole fitting instructions

5 sided bay window curtain pole fitting instructions

What is the Right Bay Curtain Pole

The right bay window curtain pole should have the combination of simple to fit alongside the very best functioning parts so it will work with your curtains. They should have passing rings and supports so the "C" rings can pass all the way around the pole. So the pole can be used with pencil pleat headed curtains and also pinch pleat headed curtains. This is the most crucial factor. No bay window pole will work with eyelet headed curtains as they will not pass over the supports. You can obviously use the eyelet curtains if you have multiple panels on either sides of the brackets.

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