How Flame Retardant Sheets Improve Building Security

Contrary to what most hospitality managers assume, purchasing five-star sheets isn’t just about thread counts and complementary colours. Beyond aesthetics, sheets should provide comfort and, more importantly, security. Flame-retardant sheets are ideal for care homes, hostels, guest homes, and other boarding properties that prioritise guest safety. If you’re on the fence about flame-resistant products, consider how they can improve your building security. 

What is a Flame Retardant Textile?

Flame-retardant sheets reduce the damaging effects of a fire, limiting embers to a contained area and preventing the occurrence of a full-scale fire hazard. FR sheets function with minimal human effort and inherit their properties through chemical treatment or manufacturing of fireproof fibres. 

Fibres such as polyester can self-extinguish when ignited. However, every product must pass stringent British Standards before market release. Accredited U.K. lab-testing facilities are responsible for testing with cigarettes, matches, and crib ignition sources to ensure manufacturer compliance. 

How Flame Retardant Sheets Are Useful

The most significant benefit you reap from flame-retardant sheets are in its title—you have better control of fire-related incidents. Flame-retardant sheets are also useful when: 


Miscalculating the Size of a Fire


Not every fire calls for a fire extinguisher. If at any point you aren’t confident in your ability to put out a fire, flame-retardant sheets can limit the spread on the premises while you contact the fire brigade. 


Incorrect Extinguishing Techniques


Similar to the fire extinguisher dilemma, water isn’t the end-all-be-all solution of containing a fire. For instance, using water on electrical or oil fires will only exacerbate the situation. When putting out fires with water, distinguish between wood, plastic, and paper. 

Your flame-retardant sheets are already taking care of the majority of your efforts. Don’t cut down productivity by pouring water over a fire you can’t control. 


You Have Poor Evacuation Planning


If your building is well-equipped with flame-extinguishing mechanisms, they’ll hardly matter if you’re implementing a poorly-organised evacuation plan. Establish an evacuation route that all building inhabitants are aware of. These paths should be unobstructed and easy to navigate, culminating in a safe meeting point. 


Leaving Power Sources On


If the source of the fire is electrical, don’t immediately enlist the help of the closest extinguisher. First, shut off all power to the start of the fire—you can rest assured your flame-retardant sheets are already doing their best to contain it. 

As a building contractor, you’ll want to know your site map like the back of your hand. The more familiar you are with where your power source comes from, the quicker you can shut them down in the event of a fire. If you come across an obstruction with no means to rapidly arrive at the source point, evacuate instead. 


The best flame-resistant bedding is up to the standards of your local fire department. FR curtains will not only contain a starting fire but also prevent them from occurring at all. 

At Direct Fabrics, our flame-retardant curtains and sheets are suitable for nursing homes, hospitals, schools, resorts, and offices—anywhere you’d need them. BS7175 certified, our products are of the highest safety standards, unmatched by even the best competitors.