How to Choose the Right Curtain Tracks & Poles - Our Guide

Curtains can add so much beauty to a home, offering timeless versatility and style. Curtains are widely available with endless selection in fabric textures, colours, designs, and patterns. With many ways to hang curtains, including curtain tracks and poles, there is always something to suit everyone’s styles and preferences.

When it comes to choosing the right curtain tracks or poles, there are various things you need to consider. Both perform the same function and offer something unique and special, from ease-of-use to style and practicality.

Curtain poles are normally partially visible, which is why styles and designs are often available in a wide range to suit your needs. They are usually made of wood or metal and are more appealing, thanks to their finials, which range from simple designs to decorative. There is also more versatility with curtain poles, as they allow more range of curtains to be hung, such as pencil pleat, tab top, and eyelet.

Curtain tracks, on the other hand, are more subtle. Tracks using clip-on gliders can be almost completely hidden once curtains are closed; however, underslung gliders will still be visible. Most curtain tracks are made of either metal or plastic and used for curtains that have heading tape. Tab top curtains or eyelets cannot be used with curtain tracks.

Types of Curtain Tracks and Poles

Curtain tracks are pretty straightforward and provide a simplistic look. The gliders are built into a discrete trail, and they can fit and be used easily, making closing and opening the curtains effortless. You can fix them to a wall or to a ceiling for added flexibility and versatility. Curtain tracks are available in two options:

  • Corded tracks – ideal for hanging heavier curtains and delicate fabrics and can be easily operated with a pull-in cord
  • Uncorded tracks – offers a more modern style, with designs that are more subtle and keeps its focus on the curtains

Curtain poles offer more variety to suit different needs:

  • Poles with rings – These are a traditional way to hang curtains. They need manual opening and can be a bit trickier to draw since the rings run across the curtain poles. Attaching draw rods to the poles can make the process easier.
  • Poles with gliders – These provide effortless operation. For ease of use, they can either be corded or uncorded (hand-drawn). Both are perfect for drawing heavier curtains due to their seamless movement. 

Electric poles and tracks offer ultimate simplicity and ease-of-use. They can either be operated by a switch, timer, radio, or remote. With electric poles or tracks, drawing your curtains are a lot more convenient and can be done right from your sofa. 

New models with light sensors and timers can be opened or closed automatically, which is pretty ideal when nobody is at home. Electric models are also great for heavy curtains or those windows since it takes away the burden of reaching for the curtains by hand. Not only will electric models add a sense of luxury and ease-of-usability, but they can also help minimise the risk of wear and tear damage to the curtains.

Choosing the right curtain tracks and poles need a careful understanding of what your style and preferences are. Check out Direct Fabrics and ask for a quotation today!

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