How to Make Blackout Curtains Work for You - Our Guide

Blackout curtains have become an integral part of any home. Their ability to effectively block out light allows for a restful sleep and a cosy vibe. Additionally, this type of curtain can block out a significant percentage of noise coming from the outside.

You can find a wide range of fabrics, colours, and prints today. It is important to note, however, that not all blackout curtains can completely block out the light. Certain types of windows can still leave room for some light to come in. So, how can you make blackout curtains work? Here are some tips:

Use Roller Shades

Roller shades with side channels are one option that will help you achieve a completely dark room. These roller shades come in various styles, which is perfect because you have choices to choose from to match your blackout curtains. Roller shades come in two different styles—motorised or manual.

If you want to achieve a completely dark room, motorised curtains that feature drapery tracks are best. The latest styles of drapery tracks today can now curve around your curtains for the ultimate dark room.

Create Multi-Layer Window Treatments

Your blackout curtains will usually leave a halo around the edges. To eliminate the halo, you can opt to use multi-layer window treatments. Multi-layer window treatments are a combination of side panels and a valance that prevents the light from penetrating the edges. Additionally, this type of window treatment impacts the interior.

Consider 2-in-1 Window Treatments

There are now more options to darken a room—from blackout curtains combined with innovations such as 2-in-1 window treatments. For one, there’s a roller shade that will let you control the light while giving a room a clear look. There is also sheer drapery that can rotate 180 degrees for light control and privacy. You won’t have a problem anymore in having a completely dark room that can work alongside blackout curtains.

Wrapping Up

Blackout curtains have a significant effect when it comes to total room darkening, but it doesn’t guarantee full window coverage. Furthermore, there are various options to choose from. So, before you get a blackout curtain, it’s best to assess the type of window that you have. Also, consider how much coverage you want from a curtain and the type of additions, such as the ones listed above, that you can incorporate alongside your curtain to achieve the level of darkness that you want in a room.

If you need help in choosing blackout curtains, you can always seek the advice of an interior designer or curtain specialist to help you get the right one for a room or your home.

Now, it’s easy to find blackout curtains online and at physical stores as well. If it’s your first time to get a pair for your window, it’s best to do research about it first. Check out online curtain stores that offer blackout curtains and get yourself familiar with their features, the cost, etc. The more you know about them, the better the decisions you can make. After all, a blackout curtain is an investment, so you better make it count.

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