Our Guide to Bay Window Curtain Poles - What You Need to Know

Bay windows are popular among homeowners everywhere. This isn’t surprising, given their stunning features that bring loads of natural light and an overall hint of style and glamour into your home. These windows add variety to the layout and shape of a house, giving you more space and brilliant panoramic views. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and for those looking for a suitable bay window poles, the task of choosing the perfect set can be challenging. 

When it comes to dressing your windows, it is more practical to choose custom-made over off-the-shelf. It can be easy to overlook the challenges associated with bay window designs since their often unusual and unique aspects can lead to a few issues with finding the right curtains and dressing the pane for bay windows. 

If you have bay windows, there are certain factors you’ll have to take into consideration during the styling process. Square shapes need specific types of poles to fit sharp angles, there are curves you need to contend with, and you must ensure that the curtains can move freely around the bay.

How Do You Measure Bay Windows?

Measuring bay windows can be done in two ways—through the recess of your windows and the pre-existing track/pole.

These methods will assist you in getting the overall length of your bay windows. You can also ask for professional help to ensure you end up with accurate measurements.

What Curtains Are Suitable For Bay Windows Poles?

Pleated curtains, such as pinch/goblet pleat or pencil pleat, are suitable for bay window poles or tracks. Tab top curtains or eyelet may be a challenge since the heading cannot pass through the brackets. If you want tab top curtains or eyelet, you will need to buy multiple pairs and a customised pattern as well as made-to-measure curtains to match. 

What to Look for When Buying Curtain Poles?

There are certain considerations you need to look out for when buying curtain poles.

  • Finials on the poles – Bay poles have different finishes, and some prefer simple ones so as not to draw away from the curtains placed on the windows.
  • The length of the windows – You will have to choose a pole that perfectly covers the length of the window you want to be covered.
  • The colour of the wood or metal – Most bay poles comes in four colours—chrome, brass, black, and silver. Your choice will depend on the window style you have and how you want it to match with the pole.
  • Components of the bay windows – Bay windows are designed to be either three-sided or five-sided. You can consider getting a customised kit to make sure your poles fit your windows.

Why not DIY?

While a DIY project may seem like the more affordable option, think again. Bay window curtain poles should be a perfect fit for your window frame. Designs that you can bend and shape with any special tools are relatively light and of poor quality. For something that looks spectacular and lasts, you’d be wise to invest in professional curtain poles.

For a wide range of bay window curtain tracks/poles and high-quality installation, contact us at Direct Fabric today!

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