Soundproof Curtains: How Do They Work & Are They Effective?

Soundproofing a room can be costly, especially when you install soundproofing panels or use other methods that involve construction and pricey materials. However, there are cost-effective alternatives to attain a quiet and peaceful room, and one of them is by using soundproof curtains.

Whether you want to have a quiet room to create a recording studio, home theatre, or a haven of solace, sound-reducing curtains help cancel out noise and sound effectively.

How do soundproof curtains work?

These curtains are made from a thick and dense material that helps dampen or reduce noise from the outside. With their porous surface, sound waves are absorbed, making your room noticeably quieter. 

Are soundproof curtains effective?

Noise-cancelling curtains that are well-insulated are effective in reducing the sound and noise in your room and prevent them from echoing. They serve as sound blockers, which means they are excellent in decreasing echo but not the decibel level of sounds in your room.

Bear in mind that noise and can still travel and enter through the walls and gaps even with sound-deadening curtains. Although they are ineffective at cancelling all the noise completely, they are excellent in dampening or reducing noise.

Can soundproof curtains decrease the volume level of sounds?

While these curtains do not decrease the decibel level of sounds, they are still helpful in making your room quieter. 

For instance, if you are playing a song using your phone in the bathroom, the sound seems terrible because it reverberates off and echoes on all the walls. When you transfer your phone into your closet at the same volume level, however, the sound quality will be notably better. This is because the extra noise bounces on the clothes, which deadens the echo.

Noise-reducing curtains work similarly to the clothes in the closet. While they are ineffective in quieting down the volume level of sounds, they make the sound cancel out much more quickly.

What are the pros and cons of using soundproof curtains?

They are designed to be heavy and thick so that they can keep out light, noise, and sound. Because of this, they offer excellent noise reduction, light blocking, and thermal insulation. Additionally, they are cheap and easy to hang up.

Keep in mind that sound-deadening curtains block light as well, which can make your room too dark and potentially create an uninviting ambience. Because of this, if you prefer an office or a living space with lots of natural light, then it is advisable not to hang them in your room.


Switching your normal curtains to noise-reducing ones is a quick and effective method to soundproof your home or office. 

By investing in sound-reducing curtains, they can help you cancel out outdoor noise and decrease echo by creating a barrier between your window and your room, allowing you to create an ambience of peace. Aside from minimising sound, they also block out light and produce a blackout effect, which lets you focus better, keep away from distractions, and help you accomplish more tasks effectively.

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