Where Hotels Source Their Beddings - What to Know

One of the many benefits of staying in hotels is getting to bury yourself in a bed wrapped in crisp, white sheets, that make you feel like you're laying in clouds. Hotels, usually luxury ones, often invest in comfortable bedding setups to offer the best experience for guests. They make sure that their guests can relax in fluffy and heavenly bed sheets. 

If you're planning a hotel or maybe already running one and want to recreate a luxurious experience for your guests, here are a few industry secrets as to how hotels source their much-beloved beddings. 

Where do hotels get their bedding?

More often than not, hotels usually get their bedding from either a manufacturer or wholesaler. It usually hinges on the size of their operations, their location, and their needs. 


Many hotels prefer getting their bedding from distributors as it happens to be the most convenient option. This is mostly because manufacturers require an extremely large minimum order value, while distributors have a scantier minimum order. For smaller hotels that only run one or two establishments, sourcing from a distributor is ideal. Doing so helps them get what they need before overspending on items they don't really end up using. 


Since the proliferation of online shopping, many bedding suppliers and distributors have shifted to selling on the internet as well. This is of great convenience to the part of the hotels as they won't have to go through all the trouble of buying on-site. However, online stores don't offer payment terms and charge immediately. For hotels that want to get the best deals, getting in touch directly with distributors is still the best route to take. 

International manufacturers

As previously stated, buying bedding from a manufacturer requires placing a huge order. And while this option seems overwhelming, the main boon is the price. Additionally, hotels that deal with manufacturers also have a say in the process. This means they can request unique bedding, depending on their desired style. Only hotel companies with thousands of rooms and massive storage space are recommended to try this option. Smaller, independent establishments will still fare better with distributors. 

Local manufacturers

Some hospitality businesses are also more conscious about supporting the local economy, leading them to deal with manufacturers from their homeland. But it should be noted that this is not always the cheapest option. High-quality cotton is often exported from Asian countries, and the import costs add up to the cost of the bedding.


For hotel companies that are particularly meticulous with their bedding and have considerable capital and resources, manufacturing their own bedding is preferred. The big names in the business like Marriott International Inc. and Sheraton Hotels do this. The main benefit of self-manufacturing is the company can save hundreds of thousands every time they need to renew their sheets, as everything is made in-house. 


Where you choose to buy your bedding from ultimately comes down to the quantity you need, the budget you set, and the quality you want. 

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