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4 Key Benefits of Acoustic Curtains

Sound Proof Curtains
Soundproof / Absorbtion

Our curtains are designed to block and absorb sound. It reduces most noise from outside and reduces echo and noise inside.

Blackout acoustic Curtains

Our Duo Lining is 3pass coated and will stop light entering a space or leaving a space including office lights, street lights and more

Thermal Curtains
Thermal Regulation

Our Curtains are lined with a sealed 3 pass lining that stops heat loss and heat entry.

Fabric Swatches
Beautiful High Quality Fabrics

We offer 1 Main Range, but we can use any fabric with our acoustic lining.

Direct Fabrics are specialists in contract curtains and particularly Acoustic Sound Proofing Curtains. Our range is different to the others in the market place. Our sound proof curtains are actually tested in a laboratory. We have had them tested for sound insulation (soundproofing) to 13db and also sound absorption (echo reduction and sound clarity), "A" rating".

Our product is flame retardant for commercial use and due to its thickness will also stop heat loss / transmission and also totally blackout.

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4 Products

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Sound Proofing Curtains - Acoustic Absorption Curtains

Certified Curtains that REALLY Work

Working with sectors across the UK to provide the very best acoustic curtains including; Schools, Theatres, Village Halls, Churches, Sports Halls, Event Venues and more

Our range of acoustic and soundproof curtains have been certified in lab testing to ENISO 10140-2 and ENISO354 for Acoustic Absorption.

Direct Fabrics pride ourselves on working with our clients to provide the very best sound absorbing and sound proofing curtains both lab tested and real-world tested as room dividers and in office environments. By doing the various real-world location tests you can see how a curtain works and therefore buy with confidence.

What makes an Acoustic Curtain Acoustic

Direct Fabrics uses a quality British manufactured wool serge that is of the highest quality and then is manufactured into thick and luxurious flame retardant sound absorbing drapes. To get even more sound absorbency we use an ivory blackout lining or even double up on the wool serge. This provides exceptional sound control. The curtains are manufactured in the UK and are customised to your exact requirements with a variety of curtain headings to ensure that they fit your application, these include standard curtain headings, 3" pencil pleat, eyelets, pinch pleat and then we do a variety of stage curtain headings for larger curtains. These include billet hooks, golf bag hooks, eyelets.

Sound Proofing Curtains

Soundproofing curtains is a grey area, Direct Fabrics are different to the competition has tested the vinyl acoustic lining in a laboratory environment, this means that you get certified soundproof curtains that are tried and tested in the laboratory. We also work to produce videos of our products in real-world environments so you can see how the product truly performs. 

The testing that we had our products done to is ENISO 10140-2 this is This testing is sound insulation of building materials. The test is the definition of soundproofing for the material. Our 600gms lining has been tested to this and has received an 11-decibel reduction across the various frequencies. 

To put 11 decibels into perspective 10db is half as loud. So in a real working environment, the reduction of 7db is very significant. Obviously depending on the frequency of the sound. EG. lower bass and subbase sounds are less easily absorbed and insulated against. See the full detailed article on Sound Proof Curtains

Changes in STC/Changes in Apparent Loudness:

Changes in STC Rating

Changes in Apparent Loudness

+/- 1db

Almost imperceptible

+/- 3db

Just perceptible

+/- 5db

Clearly noticeable

+/- 10db

Twice (or half) as loud

Understanding Testing of Acoustic fabrics and curtains

When sound hits a reflective surface it bounces back making the sound reflect around in the room, a good example of a reverberant space with hard surfaces like this is a railway station. When sound hits a soft surface some of the sound energy is lost to the surface, this is absorption. So when we measure the absorption coefficients of a surface it is a measure of the amount of sound energy lost to the surface. Direct Fabrics has had their acoustic range of fabrics tested to ensure that they are compliant with BS EN ISO 354 / BS EN ISO 11654. 


Design of Acoustic Curtains

Direct Fabrics manufactures acoustic curtain in the United Kingdom to offer both acoustic benefits to spaces but also a design finish to them using quality fabrics and offering a variety of standard curtain headings for domestic applications or stage headings for commercial applications.


Areas our Acoustic curtain are Used

Direct Fabrics sound proofing curtains are used in a variety of locations including

  • Theatres and stages
  • Village Halls and Community Centres
  • Hotel Bedrooms
  • Partitions in public spaces
  • Room Dividers in homes
  • Bedrooms
  • Lounges 
  • Anywhere where there is a need to reduce sound.

Understanding A



Curtain Heading Option wool serge

Noise Reducing Curtains - Exclusive Benefits.

Acoustic Curtains / Sound Absorbing / Sound Proofing Curtains

Direct Fabrics are specialist curtain manufacturers, we manufacture acoustic curtains to the highest standards in our UK factories. Using an acoustic curtain fabric that absorbs sound to reduce echoes. Our Certfied Lining Fabrics will

PLEASE READ THIS - There are 2 elements to sound acoustics. They are sound absorption & sound proofing. Our curtains will do a great job absorbing with an "A" Rating and using our own brand of vinyl lining will do Sound Proofing as room Dividers giving 11-12db reduction.

Road Noise is another issue entirely it will reduce the reverbaration round your room, but wont stop it coming in. Double glazing will do this.

You will definitely reduce the sound coming into the space and deaden sound that is present.

Browse our room divider curtains 


Frequently Asked Question About Sound Proof Curtains

- This all depends on how your room is constructed and most importantly the windows that are in your room. If you have a draughty window made out of single glazing then our curtains will work well to reduce the sound entering and passing around the room. The curtains have been tested for sound insulation effectively sound blocking. The tests performed in the laboratory have shown the insulation of upto 13db as a 3 layer system. However, the sound blocking is totally dependent on the structure of the room Customer Review - Triple Glazed windows in a modern London apartment. Our customer has said there was a 50% reduction in the sound. Road Noise is generally low tones when on the road side, so if on a ground floor level the sound is probably entering through the fabric of the building. This means your adjustments will need to be more structural. For higher frequencies, these curtains will work well to dull the sound.

Similar to road noise it depends on the construction of your room

We have had customers note - they have seen upto a 50% improvement when using double glazing and our curtains. They can now sleep through the the early morning flights. Modern buildings with quality double glazing units will only see a marginal impact from the sound entering the room. Where you will notice the improvement is the sound already bounces around the space. As you are adding an acoustic absorber being the face fabric to the space, it will reduce the reverberation of the sound passing around the space.

It is important to ensure you use a metal heavy duty curtain track. As a standard our curtains weight approx 800gms. So for a standard pair of curtains 200cm x 200cm they would weigh 8kg. These are deemed quite heavy curtains. We recommend our optimal track or our roller runner track.

Read this carefully. There is no difference between the 2. We just like to explain the product for one use and another for a different use. The room divider curtain has been tested as a room divider so has a sound insulation of 11db varying on lining and the window curtain has been tested infront of a double glazed window so has a 4 db uplift above the double glazed window.

When working with loud echoes in spaces it can be incredibly frustrating to stop sound reverberating around the room. This is where an acoustic curtain come in. Depending on the fabric it will have a varying effect on the amount of absorption that It takes and effects the sound passing back around the room.

To see how good a fabric or product is at absorbing sound in a room then you need to complete the Sound absorption test EN ISO 354. This grades a product between A – E based on how absorbent a material is. When sound is projected into a room it will hit the surfaces and then it will either be transmitted through things like ceilings and walls or it will be reflected back into the room. So in a basic form, the test is how much sound is sent out will return.

Example Imagine. 100 units of sound are sent into a room, 95 units are transmitted out of the room and then 5 are recorded back into the space.

Thus the sound absorption coefficient is 0,95

Sound insulation is the measurement of sound passing between 2 spaces when comparing its performance in an aperature that is open and then sealed with the test product. This is tested with ENISO 717 for acousitc insulation. This is measured in decibells and is measured to show the reduction of sound.

Changes in STC Rating Changes in Apparent Loudness
+/- 1db Almost imperceptible
+/- 3db Just perceptible
+/- 5db Clearly noticeable
+/- 10db Twice (or half) as loud

Sound Level DB Source Sensation
130 Jet Aircraft at 100ft Physical Pain
110 Thunder / Artillery / Disco Deafening
90 Loud Street / Loud Factory Very Loud
70 Cocktail Party, Noisy Office, Average Street Noise Loud
50 General Office, Noisy Home Moderate
30 Private Office, Quiet Home, Empty Gym, Faint
10 Russle Of Leaves, Whisper Very Faint
0 Threshold of Audibility Nil

YES - This is an excellent use of our acoustic curtains. standard acoustic herringbone fabric with duo lining is well suited to reduce sound passing from space to space at about 11db - 13db in a laboratory environment, combine this with our vinyl will get you approximately 10db in real-world testing. Laboratory.

Compared to the laboratory tests which have the fabric totally sealed you will not get a result as good as this in the real world. From our office tests and videos on youtube we have seen results of around 3db less in the real world. Going from 13db down to 10db area.


Understand Acoustic and What your Problem Is

Noise Reducing Curtains

Our range of curtains has been specifically designed to reduce noise within a space. They work through absorbing the sound. If you have a modern empty room sound isn't being absorbed just reverberates around the space. By adding curtains that have been tested to absorb sound to ENISO 354 Rating "A" means you will reduce the sound passing around the space.

Our curtains are one of the BEST in the marketplace and have the certificates to prove it. Everything we do is certified so we have the laboratory evidence to back up our claims

Improve the sound in your space with our curtains

What is Acoustic Absorption - Echo Reducing / Sound Reducing

Acoustic absorption refers to the process by which a material, structure, or object takes in sound energy when sound waves are encountered, as opposed to reflecting the energy. Part of the absorbed energy is transformed into heat and part is transmitted through the absorbing body. In normal speak - it is the reduction of the echo in a space. So these curtains even UNLINED perform at a grade A per ENISO 354 with an absorbtion of 0.95. This is the highest rating of the ENISO 354. You will notice greatly the sound has been reduced.

Sound Deadening Curtains

Our curtains are perfect for sound deadening. Sound deadening is also known as sound absorbtion. When using our curtains they will absorb and deaden the sound in a space. They are soft and absorbative and will take the reverberation out of a room.

Soundproof Curtains that really work >/h3>

Buy incredible soundproof curtains that work to reduce noise entering and leaving a space. Made from blackout fabrics. This makes our curtains, blackout curtains that control light entering and noise and sound escaping. Thus you benefit from quality acoustic soundproof curtains.

Get the very best blocking curtains, block sounds, block light and block heat escaping.

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