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Direct Fabrics are specialist curtain manufacturers and within our range, we manufacture acoustic curtains to the highest standards in our UK factories. Using an acoustic curtain fabric including heavyweight black wool serge we sew various styles and options depending on the application. We supply made to measure acoustic curtains, lined, unlined or self-lined product to increase the weight and therefore the sound absorbency,

PLEASE READ THIS - There are 2 elements to sound and acoustics. They are sound absorption and sound transmission (insulation). Our curtains will do a great job absorbing but less on transmission.

You will definitely reduce the sound coming into the space but they mainly deaden sound that is present. The best thing to stop sound is your window

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2 Products

2 Products

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Working with sectors across the UK to provide the very best acoustic curtains including; Schools, Theatres, Village Halls, Churches, Sports Halls, Event Venues and more

What makes an Acoustic Curtain Acoustic

Direct Fabrics uses a quality British manufactured wool serge that is of the highest quality and then is manufactured into thick and luxurious flame retardant sound absorbing drapes. To get even more sound absorbency we use a ivory blackout lining or even double up on the wool serge. This provides exceptional sound control. The curtains are manufactured in the UK and are customised to your exact requirements with a variety of curtain headings to ensure that they fit your application, these include standard curtain headings, 3" pencil pleat, eyelets, pinch pleat and then we do a variety of stage curtain ehadings for larger curtains. These include billet hooks, golf bag hooks, eyelets.


Understanding Testing of Acoustic fabrics and curtains

When sound hits a reflective surface it bounces back making the sound reflect around in the room, a good example of a reverberant space with hard surfaces like this is a railway station. When sound hits a soft surface some of the sound energy is lost to the surface, this is absorption. So when we measure  the absorption coefficients of a surface it is a measure of the amount of sound energy lost to the surface. Direct Fabrics has had their acoustic range of fabrics tested to ensure that they are compliant with BS EN ISO 354 / BS EN ISO 11654. 


Design of Acoustic Curtains

Direct Fabrics manufactures acoustic curtian in the United Kingdom to offer both acoustic benefits to spaces but also a design finish to them using quality fabrics and offering a variety of standard curtain headings for domestic applications or stage headings for commercial applications.


Areas our Acoustic curtain are Used

Direct Fabrics sound proofing curtains are used in a variety of locations including

  • Theatres and stages
  • Village Halls and Community Centres
  • Hotel Bedrooms
  • Partitions in public spaces
  • Room Dividers in homes
  • Bedrooms
  • Lounges 
  • Anywhere where there is a need to reduce sound.

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Curtain Heading Option wool serge

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