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2 Products

Direct Fabrics range of curtain linings have been selected to offer excellent value and quality. You can have free samples and bulk quotations. Bet the very best prices from buying online. A full range of polyester and cotton sateen linings available as a standard shade or blackout options

Buy your curtain linings from a UK supplier with fabrics on a next day supply

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Our range of curtain linings have been selected to offer you a wide choice for your soft furnishings. Our linings are excellent quality and the prices are great. You can use our fabric linings to make curtains, blinds and other products. 

Curtain Linings - Buy Online and Save


We have in our range the perfect curtain linings for adding fullness to your curtains which will also add more insulation. By adding a blackout curtain lining you can stop any light from entering the room you have the soft furnishings in. The lining will add a significant weight even to the lightest of curtain fabrics. We use a 3 pass blackout curtain lining for all of our curtains made in house as standard as we know that this provides the very best solution for curtains and blinds.



Curtain Lining or Fabric Lining - How to Choose them


    • Do you want to provide shading into the room or do you want it to be blackout?

If you want a standard shade fabric then you should go for a basic cotton sateen or a polyester weight fabric. As these will assist with the draping and provide a shading improvement but not completely darken the room you are putting blinds or curtains in.

To have a darkened room it is recommended to use a 3 pass blackout curtain lining as this will darken the room to best western standards. So you will not be able to read a paper without an additional light source.


    • Choosing the best colour for your Curtain Lining?

The standard colours for lining include: cream, ivory and white. They are simple and traditionally chosen for curtains and blinds. Each has its merits but we would recommend ivory, as this tones in well with all fabrics and if they were to be touched by dirty hands will not show marks as easily as white.


    • Coloured Linings, why would i use them?

When using coloured lining fabrics you can get a real contrast with the front fabric. It will provide depth when the colour tones through the back fabric. It is a very small detail that some customer love. Also, if you are not making a double sided curtain you will be able to see the lining from the outside of the room or from the room divide. It is a cheaper option than double siding a curtain and will enhance your soft furnishings for a small expense.


If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact the team on 03301118995.

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