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Curtain Heading Styles Guide

Please read this style guide for useful for information on heading choices for your curtains. You can go through our guide for choosing which heading style will work best in your room. They are in order of price with pencil pleat curtains being the lowest cost followed by eyelets, pinch pleats and finally goblet.

Pencil Pleat Heading

Pencil pleat is the traditional style of curtain heading that is a used in most windows and gives a lovely finish. You have the flexibility from the stitched in curtain tape which allows you to alter the height above your track and pole.


Eyelet Curtains Heading

A modern finish which the pole slots through the curtains, this means you can a lovely feature of your pole with a contrast of the metal against the curtain fabric.
2 Options Available

  • Standard 44mm Eyelets for 28mm & 35mm Pole
  • 66mm Eyelets for 40mm+ poles can be opted for by contacting the team



Pinch Pleat Curtain Heading

A traditional heading style that looks grand in any setting.


Wave Curtain Heading

Modern and elegant curtain heading either in a 60mm deep pleat or 80mm.

Wave Curtain Heading
Stage Curtain Heading Options

These are for heavy duty curtains and are used with large tracks. The tietops are simple to put up and adjust if you are wanting some flexibility or using with Pipe and Drape Systems.

Stage Curtain Heading Options