• Top 3 Blinds to Elevate Your Home Office

    More people are embracing remote work as the pandemic revealed how productivity could happen anywhere, but finding an ideal space at home to fuel your motivation can be tricky. A dedicated home office has become a must to ensure the set-up is designed to support work-related activities comfortably, especially since the chaos of home life can detract from your focus. 

    Converting an underutilised room into an office space for remote settings will need ergonomic furnishing and other upgrades, but other than desks and chairs, the area will need the right lighting to help cast a beautiful glow from the afternoon sun. With more lighting also comes the need for the best window treatments like blinds to reduce the glare on your screen and give you better control over the room’s brightness. 

    If you’re wondering what kind of blinds you should buy for your home office, then the list below should help point you in the right direction!

    The Best Blinds for Home Offices

    1. Roller Blinds

    Casting a sleek silhouette to any space, roller blinds are a classic choice that offers timeless beauty by creating an illusion of spaciousness even in small rooms. They’re a great option for minimalist remote environments since roller blinds can easily be tucked out of view thanks to their slender build. 

    You have the option to go for see-through cotton fabrics for a lighter feel or heavy-duty curtains for those who want a more dramatic mood, relying on office lamps to set your working scene. With the wide range of fabrics available, it’s hard to go wrong with roller blinds for your home office. 

    2. Roman Blinds 

    Adding understated elegance to your home office with its airy vibe, roman blinds uses fabric that stacks on top of itself as you roll it up, making your windows more visually striking. It’s a contemporary take on roller blinds, one that comes in different shades and styles. Simple, sleek, and sophisticated, roman blinds can work well with larger home offices. 

    3. Vertical Blinds

    If you’re going for a unique home office that takes inspiration from the bold, trendy decade of the 1980s, then vertical blinds can create interesting silhouettes that are unlike any other. They add a vintage charm that can complement modern and monochrome home offices, plus they’re the perfect choice for areas with glass doors as you can move them from side to side without having to roll up the entire fabric. 

    The Bottom Line: How Blinds Improve Style and Bring Productivity for Your Space

    The right lighting and blinds can do wonders for boosting productivity at work—be it in the office or at home! The ideal blinds can help you save energy, reduce sun glare, and give you more room to play around with your lighting, so you can set up the perfect spot that lightens your mood. When done right, adding blinds to your home office can take your space’s visual appeal and functionality to a whole new level. 

    How Can We Help You?

    If you're looking to enhance the functionality of your windows and workspaces, it's best to reach out to Direct Fabrics and explore our wide range of fire-resistant curtains!

    We are a fabric supplier for hotels, care homes, schools, and other types of businesses. From stage curtains to hotel room curtains, office blinds to cubicle curtains and tracks—we're here to help brighten your space in more ways than one. 

  • What to Know About the Maintenance of Sun-Damaged Blinds

    Most homeowners and business owners must know that window treatment upkeep and repair are required regularly. To add, cleaning your office blinds keeps them appearing new and appealing. Unfortunately, even the most diligent housekeeping can't keep fading blinds at bay. Read on to learn all about the maintenance of sun-damaged blinds.

    What Causes Sunlight to Turn Blinds Yellow?

    The sun has taken its toll on your blinds. This armour, like all others, wears out over time. UV rays chip away at any protective layer. If they aren’t covered, the blinds could become yellow. Follow these steps on how to clean yellow blinds:

    1. Submerge your plastic or aluminium blinds in two to three cups of bleach if they contain tenacious stains. You can do this in a bathtub. Soak for at least ten minutes.
    2. Remove the blinds once you're satisfied with the colour. 
    3. Dry them gently with a clean cloth, being careful not to damage the slats. 
    4. Reinstall the blinds so that the room can dry naturally.

    Bleach and chemicals can also corrode wooden blinds. Instead of soaping them, use a moist sponge to dust and clean them. They should keep their colour if you tend to them often.

    To preserve blinds from the sun, today's window treatment makers cover them with a UV-resistant coating. This covering will wear down over time. Regular cleaning helps extend the life of the original colour of the blinds.

    The Sun and Faux Wood Blinds

    Faux wood blinds seem like real wood blinds, but they are less expensive. These blinds are often made of polymer vinyl composite. Less costly faux wood blinds may have a softer foam composition. However, they may fade as a result of constant sun exposure.

    Blinds with Faux Wood and UV Protection

    During the production process, many faux wood blinds are UV-protected. This therapy protects against the sun. However, it is not indestructible. Vinyl blinds are more susceptible to sun damage than wood blinds. After a few years, the light-facing side of the blinds may fade or yellow. To keep your blinds from fading, place a fade-resistant curtain between them and the window. Cotton, polyester, acrylic, and rayon are examples of fade-resistant fabrics.

    Sun-Warped Wood Blinds

    Is it possible for sun-exposed wood blinds to warp? In a nutshell, it is dependent on the blinds. There are three types of wood blinds available: real wood, composite wood, and imitation wood blinds. Certain blinds are more resistant to UV rays and moisture than others.

    Real Wooden Blinds

    Real wooden blinds are entirely composed of natural, untreated wood. They are made from natural hardwoods such as oak, basswood, and cherry. Natural wood blinds are the most resistant to direct sunlight and heat, so they do not warp.

    Composite-Wood Blinds

    Composite-wood blinds are made from polystyrene, plastic resins, wood pulp, and PVC. While some of them are made of wood, it is not the major material. Plastic is the primary component of composite wood blinds. They are long-lasting, but their high plastic content makes them susceptible to warping in direct sunlight.

    You should avoid dark-coloured slats because they absorb the greatest heat. If you wish to increase heat reflection, use off-white or plain white slats. Furthermore, extreme heat induced by high humidity will have little effect due to plastic's moisture resistance.


    Investing in quality blinds is not merely about adding a decorative element to your space. With blinds, you provide yourself with privacy, luxury, and protection from natural elements outdoors. That is why you should know how to clean and maintain the different types of blinds. In knowing all these useful tips, you’ll be sure to avoid and treat sun damage to your blinds and keep your business looking appealing to potential customers.

    Are you searching for commercial blinds? Direct Fabrics is the leading fabric supplier for almost any institution in the UK. Here, we provide you with countless flame-retardant choices for hotels, schools, and more. Contact us today and get your free quote and fabric samples!

  • Picking Out Your Treatment for Your Office Windows

    How and where a person spends their days should affect our priorities and concerns. Since almost every employee spends at least eight hours a day in the office, it’s important to ensure that the environment is seemly enough for them to work in. There are many aspects to consider and customise in a work setting, like the office window treatment.

    The windows can affect the overall ambience in the office, which can ultimately influence the mood and productivity of your employees. If you pick out the right coverings for your office windows, it can make a subtle boost for your workforce in that office.

    But how exactly do you pick out your treatment for office windows? What aspects should you be focusing on? What are your choices? Here’s what you need to know:

    Blinds Type

    Office blinds are probably the best window coverings that you can get, going over the glass panes to allow light to come in at a certain intensity. However, there are several kinds of blinds to choose from, so browse away and seek out what works best for your office area.

    Faux wood blinds are a pretty good choice since they offer a nice classic finish that every office could benefit from, whether you’re going with a lighter or darker hue. Vertical blinds can also be an interesting aesthetic choice to consider. 


    The additional features for your office blinds may affect the ease and comfort that your employees experience, as well as the interest of your own business. It’d be wise to consider checking out what fabric and inclusions your blinds would include.

    For example, blinds that can offer insulation would be able to help the workspace in conserving energy. Receive a return on investment thanks to that cost-efficient choice. Fire-resistant blinds may also be a good preventive feature to pick for your office window treatment.

    Light Control

    The main purpose of your office blinds is to help in controlling how much light is coming into the workspace. It can all be a matter of preference, but it’s best to find window blinds where you can change up the position to control how much light is coming through.

    For example, blinds that give a complete or total blackout can be quite helpful in the mornings when the sun is a little more blinding. However, as the brightness slowly decreases in intensity, it’d be good to allow some of that light to come through.


    When picking out your office window treatment, never leave out the idea of visibility. It’s ideal to have privacy in an office to protect the staff and let them feel safe in their working environment rather than paranoia that someone may be stalking them outside.

    Thicker office blinds that will cover the entire window area from floor to ceiling may be ideal for a number of workspaces. You can pick a certain design, artwork or logo to display for the outside portion while the window covering is rolled down.


    Your office window treatment can have a subliminal effect on your workers’ productivity, so it’s best to put some proper thought into it. Contemplate the different aspects to choose the right one and curate a great office environment for your staff.

    Looking for office blinds? Direct Fabric is a UK supplier of fabric and commercial blinds for hotels, care homes, schools and more. Send in an order today!

  • Blackout Curtains or Blackout Blinds for Office Renovation

    It can be challenging to remodel your office, especially if you decide to take on the task alone. To get the style you want, each room in your office needs its own set of materials. Your windows are an essential factor to take into account. Between dark-blocking curtains and dark-blocking blinds, which ones are suitable?

    Listed below are the various options and the things to keep in mind when deciding what kind of window treatment to use at home.

    What are Blackout Curtains?

    These are elegant, smooth fabrics that wrap entirely around the window wall. Additionally, a blackout liner can lower light and insulate against the elements.

    Additionally, you can order them in custom colours with stunning designs and images. Blackout curtains are typical in luxury hotel rooms and movie theatres, where light can hamper the experience.

    Thermal insulation, privacy, and noise reduction are all advantages of blackout curtains. Aside from saving space and being better in hot and humid environments, blackout blinds are cheaper, easier to install, and require no maintenance. They may even come with an in-built remote control.

    What are Blackout Blinds?

    Blackout blinds are made of an opaque fabric that is wrapped around a cassette. In contrast to blackout curtains, they have side channels through which the material runs to keep light from penetrating the edges.

    There are, however, only a few entirely opaque blinds. As a result, when choosing this room-darkening option, pay close attention to design elements.

    Essential Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an Office Blackout Solution

    How Much Space Do You Have?

    You will need a lot of space to install blackout curtains. Aside from the fabric, you'll need a specific box or holder brackets larger than the window. You will also need to provide a place to draw them when they are not in use.

    Blackout office blinds, on the other hand, are ideal for settings with limited space. This is the case because the fabric rolls into the cassette and is flush with the window frame.

    However, because blinds are compact, they are less effective at blocking light. To avoid this, look for office roller blinds with a fabric retention system. Installing a plastic spline with your blinds, for example, ensures that the opaque fabric remains secure when you lower the blind.

    How Much Privacy Do You Require?

    You must first identify the room’s function on which you will have to put your black-out solution. The size of the room-darkening solution will determine your final decision.

    Most blackout contract blinds, as previously indicated, cannot produce perfect invisibility. On the other hand, Curtains are perfect for achieving maximum seclusion in spaces like your child's nursery or your master bedroom.

    Natural light is required in areas such as the kitchen and entrance, on the other hand. As a result, in certain situations, blackout flame-retardant blinds are preferred.

    What Room Furnishings Must You Consider?

    The type of furniture in the room should also be considered when choosing a room-darkening solution. Excessive light exposure might harm your valuable furnishings. Sofas and recliners made of viscose fabric, for example, are subject to bleaching from prolonged exposure to natural light.

    In addition, if your office promotes an eco-friendly environment, office plants require sunlight for their survival. As a result, commercial blackout blinds are the best option for such spaces.


    There is no easy answer when it comes to selecting which is better between blackout curtains and blackout blinds. You can, however, come to a more well-informed conclusion if you look back to the previous points mentioned in the article.

    Contact the team at Direct Fabrics for additional information on picking between commercial blackout blinds and blackout curtains. Schedule your free consultation now!

  • How to Pair Blinds and Curtains Together for a Beautiful Interior

    Some people believe that you can only choose between curtains and blinds for window coverings, but this isn’t the case! Contrary to popular belief, using blinds and curtains together is possible and looks pretty nice. All it takes is a clever arrangement of window coverings to elevate the look of your interior.

    However, although installing two kinds of window treatments may be a good interior design choice, it can be quite intimidating. For blinds and curtains to look visually pleasing together, it’s crucial to choose the right kinds of window coverings to use. 

    Simply putting curtains and blinds together won’t automatically make things look better—you must create a cohesive design and complement the rest of your interior. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the number of options to choose from, don’t worry! Just read our tips below to find out how to decorate your windows with blinds and curtains:

    1. Choose a Style for Your Blinds

    Before anything else, you must first choose a blind style. Since not all kinds work for every room, you may want to select different ones for each area you’ll install them in. Although the types of your blinds will be different, we recommend choosing blinds in the same colour family so that your interior still looks cohesive.\

    Here are some of the most common blind styles to choose from:

    Roman Blinds

    This type of blinds feature fabric drapes on top of itself in large layers when raised, adding a regal and elegant look. If you want energy-efficient blinds and want to make your interior look sophisticated, this is the right choice for you.

    Roller Blinds

    Roller blinds consist of a headrail and one large piece of fabric that rolls up and down. These blinds have a sleek and minimal silhouette, making them suitable for bathrooms and other small spaces.

    Vertical Blinds

    Vertical blinds are built with slats that run up and down instead of horizontally. These blinds are best suited for bay windows, dining rooms, and living rooms.

    Venetian Blinds

    Venetian blinds are aluminium horizontal blinds that usually come in black and white shades. This type of blind is completely waterproof, so they’re also a good choice for bathrooms, conservatory windows, and patio doors.

    2. Try Out Different Prints and Colors

    Before purchasing curtains and blinds, make sure that they look good together—don’t be afraid to mix and match various patterns and designs to determine the best combination. We recommend choosing a solid-coloured blind that uses a colour that appears in the printed curtain so that they look easy on the eyes.

    3. Consider Beauty and Function

    Of course, using both curtains and blinds add a touch of style to your interior, but their appearance isn’t all that matters. When it comes to window treatments, you must also determine whether they are functional or not—they’re meant to provide shade, first and foremost!

    If you want to control the light that enters your room, we suggest using curtains made of blackout material. On the other hand, if you want natural light to filter in, then sheer curtains are ideal.


    Combining blinds and curtains are one of the best interior design decisions you could ever make! However, to ensure that your window coverings will serve their purpose while looking nice, make sure to follow our tips and search for options in the right places.

    Are you looking for the best flame retardant curtains? Then, you’ve come to the right place! At Direct Fabrics, we have a wide array of quality blinds and curtains at amazingly low prices. When you buy from a company with over 60 years of experience in the soft furnishings industry, you can do so with confidence. Get a quick quote today!

  • Versatile Fabrics: 5 Benefits of Using Voile Curtains

    Establishments in the hospitality sector must be extra cautious when picking specific textile options for their facilities. Although it’s vital to focus on an interior option’s aesthetic design and patterns, you should also consider their other properties. Remember that your interior design options should be more than just a pretty addition to your décor; they must also effectively contribute to a safe and seamless operation.

    Utilising Voile Curtains

    Voile curtains are noticeably soft and floaty pieces of fabric that add a relaxing atmosphere to any room. These unique textile options are made with translucent fabric, noted for instilling privacy in rooms without blocking out light. Besides their stylish design patterns, these curtains also have numerous practical benefits to your interior spaces.

    In this article, we’ll share five benefits of using voile curtains.

    1. Added Level of Privacy

    Curtains aren’t just important as an added part of your interior’s design; they’re also vital in maintaining your privacy and safety indoors. For this reason, it’s necessary to purchase the right texture for your rooms, especially for bathroom and bedroom spaces.

    A voile curtain’s most prominent feature is its translucent texture, providing an added layer of privacy to any room. While its material may appear see-through, people outdoors won’t exactly see your interiors in clear view. If you’re worried about your interior’s visibility, you can choose between a sheer and semi-sheer option.

    2. Increased Airflow

    Unlike other textile options, voile curtains don’t absorb heat on their own. Instead, air and ventilation naturally pass through without suffocating your interior’s humidity. This is a great option if you want to optimise airflow without sacrificing your outdoors visibility.

    3. Greater Allergen Protection

    Besides protecting your home from the sunlight, curtains also block potential contaminants from entering your rooms. This can range from pollens to dust particles which can trigger allergies or spread allergens throughout your interiors.

    A voile curtain isn’t just great to have for its design; it also blocks airborne allergens from penetrating your home. Besides doorways, you can hang voile curtains in kitchen windows and attics to keep pollens and similar substances from freely roaming your interiors.

    4. Versatile Placement

    As mentioned above, voile curtains can be placed in different windows of various sizes. This versatility is tied to the material’s weight. Voile fabric is composed of very lightweight fabric. For this reason, you don’t have to make major renovations to hang them in different parts of your home.

    You can take advantage of voile curtains’ lightness to hang them in tiled bathrooms without drilling hooks to your walls. Instead, you can use an extension rod paired with heavy-duty adhesive wall hooks.

    5. Easy-to-Wash Material

    Part of choosing the right textile option for hospitality establishments is the maintenance work involved in cleaning them. Some bedding and textile options are naturally more challenging to wash than others, especially if they’re made from delicate or rough materials.

    Since voile fabric is naturally light, you won’t need too much detergent and water during laundry day. Its lighter load makes them easy to wash and clean without burning a hole down your budget.


    Being familiar with different fabrics is essential for running a hotel, spa, or any recreational facility for leisure. By expanding your knowledge of various products, you can make more well-informed decisions regarding the sustainability of your operations. If you partner with the right supplier, you’ll get to have more freedom to make these choices with ease.

    At Direct Febrics, we provide clients with products to match your business's high-quality service. We hold a selection of versatile options for medical, stage, hotel, and nursing home curtains in the UK to fit your practical and aesthetic needs.  If you're looking for blackout fabric, flame retardant blinds, and other versatile textile solutions, browse our product catalogue today!

  • Office Roller Blinds: Here’s Why They Are Downright Crucial

    These days, if employees must spend all their working hours at the office the whole day, the company must strive to prioritise making things comfortable for everyone’s sake. It's imperative since many regular workdays last for much longer than the average office hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

    Achieving human comfort, at the very least, is vital for better productivity. It includes controlled temperatures and an environment that gives off an appropriate yet chic ambience.

    Using Office Roller Blinds

    One of the best possible choices to make is to have roller blinds installed in the office. Installation is not an issue, and they make downtime hardly any problem. They can also come in several fabrics, like blackout ones, which are great for keeping the glare away from Zoom or Google Meet calls, and even materials that provide dimming effects.

    Here are a few reasons why they are essential:

    They Are Ideal for Preventing Heat

    Air conditioning systems aren't always within the budget of companies. It is true for those only starting or have better things to spend their budget on than focusing on comfort. Some businesses seek cooling systems, but they don't quite get the job done the way they should. 

    A great solution to keeping the office cool, especially during extra hot summer days, is installing roller blinds. Aside from regulating temperature, it can keep the heat out throughout the day.

    They Are Ideal for Radiation Protection

    Furniture and even carpets are as vulnerable to sun radiation as human skin. Constant exposure to sunlight can negatively affect carpets as well as furniture, especially wood. 

    Roller blinds are fantastic at helping to prevent that from happening. Since they're easily adjustable, when there's direct sunlight, you can simply draw the blinds. Later on, when you require more light, you can open the blinds to let more light in that's less harsh or direct. Whatever the case, office decor, carpets, and furniture will be safe from harsh sunlight.

    They Are Ideal for Better Security

    Roller blinds help to add more security to any office. Robbers have a general habit of using the daytime to stake out their targeted areas. Any office on the ground floor is wide open for criminals to have access through windows during daytime hours. Give outsiders little to no peeks into your office space while bringing in light as needed through roller blinds.

    The benefits of having office roller blinds are countless. Aesthetics and the overall office look is another area that gets a boost by using them. The best part for many people is acquiring roller blinds with designs to complement their decor. Aside from giving employees a lovely feeling about their workplace, clients will also find your space incredibly impressive. 


    Office roller blinds are beneficial to the point of them being downright crucial. They're easy to install and can prevent downtime from being any hindrance to productivity. They are ideal for security, radiation protection, and keeping the heat of the sun out of anyone’s way.

    Are you trying to get office roller blinds of good quality? Shop at Direct Fabrics today! We supply fabrics for schools, care homes, hotels, offices, and more.

  • A Guide: How Do Roman Blinds Differ from Roller Blinds?

    What’s the difference between roller blinds and Roman blinds, and which one should you get for your space? Roller and Roman blinds have similar functions—to prevent light from entering your space and create privacy. But in terms of how they look and the material in which they are made, you’ll see the distinct difference between the two. 

    Roller blinds look like more modern versions of Roman blinds. The blinds are supplied with a cord on each side with which they can be rolled up or down. Roman blinds, however, cannot completely block sunlight. 

    Roman blinds are common in spaces like your bedroom because they have a cosy look. They are also great for offices because they have a professional look suitable for commercial spaces. 

    Roller blinds may be custom-built at affordable prices. The lack of slats on roller blinds gives them a cleaner, classier look than Roman blinds, fitting most of the design styles you find in homes today. 

    In any case, Roman or roller blinds can be easier to maintain and clean than the usual curtains. They are also more durable since they can easily be cleaned without removing them or putting them in a washer.

    Here are some more differences between roller blinds and Roman blinds: 


    1. Pricing


    Roman blinds are typically more costly than roller blinds. Hence, if you are looking for a touch of luxury and do not regularly redecorate, roman blinds are a great option. So the cost may be another factor to consider why you’d go for either Roman blinds or roller blinds. 


    2. Blocking Daylight in Your Space


    When folded, Roman shades tend to cover part of the window unless you have them outside the bedroom and high above the window. This means that even when folded, they tend to block some light in the room. Roller blinds have the advantage of taking up less space in the window, allowing more light into the room.

    If the amount of light entering a room is important to you, consider opting for roller blinds to let in more light.


    3. Design and Features


    Roman blinds provide interiors with a classic look that can match a variety of interior designs. Roman blinds are fabricated from whole cloth with a double coating, providing superb insulation and a light blocker. 

    The fabric’s design on roller blinds, however, disappears as you roll up the blinds entirely. Roman blinds, on the other hand, still show patterns and designs even when they are stacked up or rolled up. 

    But roller blinds are more preferred in more modern homes. More traditionally designed homes typically go for Roman blinds, especially since most of these homes use traditional window designs like shutters, calling for Roman blinds as a better window treatment alternative. 


    4. Maintenance or Upkeep


    Roller blinds are easy to maintain and are also the safest window treatments to use in any space. They can be activated with a chain, spring, or motorized. Upkeep and cleaning are also easier with roller blinds than Roman blinds. If you are putting them in a kitchen, bathroom, or den where window treatments can get dirty easily, it is better to use roller blinds than Roman blinds. 


    Roman blinds and shades work the same, but they look and function differently. Their subtle differences also make them hard to set apart. To make the best decision, consider your needs and budget. It all boils down to your preference and why you’re going for blinds as window treatments in the first place.

    At Direct Fabric, we provide superior-quality fabrics for hotels, schools, care homes and more. We also have specialty curtains such as flame-retardant curtains and blinds, blackout curtains, acoustic curtains, cubicle curtain track and curtains and disposable hospital curtains in the UK. We can also serve bulk B2B orders. Call us today!

  • Different Ways Blinds Can Boost Your Workplace Productivity

    When it comes to nourishing your team, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to provide them with a workspace that boosts their motivation and productivity. With that said, it's crucial to pay attention to every detail of your space, from your layout to room colour, desks, and even ambient sounds. 

    But besides the ergonomic desk features and eye-pleasing colour combinations of your space, some factors you should also consider are your room's temperature and lighting. We're all aware that an under-lit room can increase eye strain and headaches, making it impossible for your team to work properly. 

    Not to mention, when the space is too hot or too cold, it can also cause fatigue and drowsiness. So the best way to counter this and control the room's light and temperature is by installing blinds. 

    Blinds are an effective type of window covering, allowing you to control how much light can come into your workplace and helps manage the area's temperature. So, whether you're looking for cassette roller blinds or metal blinds, having these window installations can definitely help boost productivity at your workplace.

    Different Types of Blinds 

    Companies like Direct Fabrics offer high-quality flame retardant blinds that are perfect for your workspace. Here are some of the blind types that you should consider:

    • Vertical blinds are made of PVC slats and are hung from runners that slide along a headrail. 
    • Venetian blinds are one of the most common types of blinds, and you can use either metal, real wood, or even fake wood. These blinds are strung together with types or ribbons. 
    • Contract roller blinds come in one piece of durable fabric, allowing you to roll them up seamlessly and could help you blackout a room.
    • Contract roman blinds contract by folding on top of each fold, providing an interesting look to your space.

    How Do Blinds Help Boost Productivity at Work?

    Benefit #1: It Reduces Sun Glare

    There's nothing more irritating than having to dodge bright sun glares. Sun glares can heat up your space really quickly and even cause eye strain, making it much harder for your employees to work. To prevent squinting and contorting of bodies to mask the glare, it's best to install blinds to manage the light that comes into your space.

    Benefit #2: Incredibly Energy-Saving

    As mentioned earlier, blinds can help control the temperature of your room. Since it can do this, you'll be happy to know that blinds can help you save on energy costs, allowing you to use natural light to help heat the space or to cool your workspace by bringing the blinds down. 

    Benefits #3: Provides Control

    Another great thing about blinds is that every employee will have the option to control the blinds however they want. So if one of your members has a unique preference for lighting, they can easily manage this by moving the blinds, making them more productive.

    Fortunately, you can also design your own blinds with a roman blind kit, allowing you to create blinds that work best for your workspace.

    Benefit #4: Reduces Sun Exposure

    Although sun exposure can be good at times, too much of it can be hazardous to your health and could also burn your employees. Not to mention, your office appliance and equipment may sustain damage as well. For this reason, it's best to mitigate sun exposure by using blinds to help control the flow of heat in your space. 

    The Bottom Line: Blinds Are Your Secret Tool To Enhance Your Workspace Environment

    When it comes to providing comfort and security at work, installing blinds is both a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution. Having control over the amount of light that comes in and managing your thermal environment can help improve your employees' productivity, making them happy and more motivated to work. 

    From choosing a roman blind kit or even blackout curtains, whatever suits your employee's needs is what you need to add to your space.

    How Can We Help You?

    If you're looking to enhance the functionality of your windows and workspaces, it's best to reach out to Direct Fabrics.

    We are a fabric supplier for hotels, care homes, schools, and other types of businesses. From stage curtains to hotel room curtains, office blinds to cubicle curtains and tracks — we're here to help. 

    Are you looking for cassette roller blinds in the UK? Check out our products today!

  • 5 Types of Blinds That Require the Least Maintenance

    Most establishments consider two primary factors in choosing their blinds: appearance and practicality. People want a pair of blinds, shades, or drapes that provide an appealing aesthetic to their rooms while providing excellent privacy and light regulation.

    However, most businesses usually don't have the time for posh blinds that need rigorous upkeep, whether that means they are constantly gathering dust or cracking or splitting after only a few months of purchase. With all the tasks businesses face daily, there's simply little space for blinds that need checking every day or so. This brings us to the critical question:

    Which Blinds Need the Least Maintenance?

    The good news is that most blinds do not require a lot of upkeep. They require a little dusting every few weeks, as well as a thorough cleaning if they get dusty or grubby. However, some types may necessitate extra consideration and care when cleaning to avoid harming the materials.

    Here, we've ranked blinds in order of ease of cleaning to those that require a bit more time and effort. Continue reading to find out which blinds are the easiest to clean and maintain:

    1. Vertical Blinds

    Many individuals believe that vertical blinds are the best bet when it comes to maintenance requirements. The vertical slats gather relatively little dust, and a light clean with a vacuum cleaner or feather duster now and then is generally all that is required to maintain them in good shape.

    They are certainly in the running for the most straightforward blinds to clean!

    2. Roller Blinds

    Following that, roller blinds provide one of the best fabric options ranging from waterproof and flame-resistant PVC textiles to antibacterial fabrics perfect for keeping public places germ-free. These fabrics are available in various colours and design styles, proving that functionality does not have to be dull.

    If you choose with a PVC blackout blind, you can easily clean and rinse it down. For other textiles, we recommend wiping clean with a wet cloth and avoiding abrasive detergents, which may harm the fabric.

    3. Honeycomb Blinds

    Honeycomb blinds are a popular option for those looking for thermal blinds. The cellular structure of these blinds produces an insulating layer. They may be utilized to keep heat in your office when it's cold or to keep scorching sunshine out on sunny days.

    These blinds are not only energy-efficient but also extremely simple to clean. They are generally composed of tough, dust-repellent anti-static materials. This means you won't have to clean them as frequently as you would with other types of cloth blinds. When dust begins to accumulate on the window shades, routine vacuuming will do.

    4. Panel Glide Blinds

    These fashionable and functional blinds are an ideal low-maintenance alternative for sliding doors or full-length windows. A quick dusting or vacuuming will often remove any dust accumulated on the surface, and a warm, wet cloth may be used to spot clean the blinds as needed.

    Panel glide blinds are an excellent choice when looking for the most accessible blinds to clean.

    5. Metal Venetian Blinds

    Aluminium Venetians require little maintenance; Run a feather duster along the slats every few months or so, and you're good to go. If the blind is slanted enough, dust buildup will be minimal. Because of their ease of cleaning and extensive range of colours, Venetian blinds are a popular and cheap option for homeowners.


    Numerous elements, such as materials and the mechanisms used to open and shut them, contribute to a blind's longevity and maintenance requirements. These five options are a no-brainer if you want to give your clients a great mix of beauty and function!

    Are you looking to invest in quality commercial blinds for businesses like hotels, schools and care homes? Direct Fabric can help! We offer a wide range of quality blinds and over 60 years of industry experience providing excellent and professional assistance to our clients. Check out our products today!

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