• Function Room Divider Acoustic Curtains

    Sauderfoot Regency Hall Function Room

    The Regency Hall, Saundersfoot.  It is one of Saundersfoot’s most imposing and distinctive buildings.  Built-in 2013 following the demolition of the old hall on the same site, it occupies a central village location alongside a large car park with free parking between 5pm and 9am and all day from November to March.

    Direct Fabrics were approached to manufacture and install extra large curtains to go across the back of the function room to absorb sound and improve the acoustics of the room. The large drops of 450cm were an issue for companies with smaller working tables. But as direct fabrics has a large workroom it was straight forward to manufacture the curtains.

    The width of the wall is 14m and the clients wanted to be able to pull by hand the curtains across the space.


    The client chose our textured dimout fabric lined with our blackout fleece lining that adds a beautiful fullness to the curtains makes them look incredible.


    Products Used

    Acoustic Curtains 

    Heavy Weight Curtain Track



    The Direct Fabrics team had to use a tower scaffold to be able to work at a height of 450cm



    The curtains look incredible and the client was over the moon with the finish.

  • Village Hall Acoustic Stage Curtains

    Backwell Village Hall Stage Curtains

    Introduction to the Client

    A beautiful village hall that is at the heart of the community in the village where Direct Fabrics are located. Direct Fabrics were approached to supply and install flame retardant curtains for the village hall stage. The original stage curtains were old and ripped on an old metal track.  The hall was built in 1910 and the present curtains must be at least 30 years plus old.


    Requirements for Project

    • Stage Curtains
    • Corded Top Fix Track
    • Upholstered Pelmet


    Product Chosen

    Curtains   Acoustic Herringbone Stage Curtains

    Track Heavy Duty Stage Curtain Track



    After presenting the trustees with a range of samples it was decided to use the acoustic absorption material as the open-plan space was vast and any acoustic benefit would be greatly beneficial to reduce the reverberation around the space.

    Also, a new track was chosen that could be installed into the wooden frame around the top of the stage. This allowed for a strong fixing to hold the weight of the lined acoustic curtains.

    The pelmet boards were manufactured with a lightweight essex board and velcro attached to the top of the stage to allow for easy attaching of the upholstered pelmet.



    A stunning pair of the curtain in a decadent teal colour. The finished article looks great and improves the acoustic performance of the space.

    "Backwell Parish Hall would like to express our thanks for the installation of the lovely curtains and track. They look splendid and we are very pleased indeed with the overall design and the choice of colour"


  • Room Divider Curtains Case Study

    In this case study we review the use of room divider curtains and the requirements for an office space to segment to areas to provide some privacy between two areas.

    The area in use was the Direct Fabrics office. Within the office was 2 areas between an entrance way with people passing in and through



    For more information on sound absorbtion and sound block read this article


    Issues with Current Space and Setup - Why Choose Room Divider Curtains

    The current space had the main entrance way into the office space and as such a draught used to be present entering the space and passing through the office when deliveries were made and people arriving and leaving. Also when the other section of the office was used as a breakout area there was a lot of chatting which meant some distraction between the working side and the relaxing side.

    The goal was to segment the spaces with room divider curtains and also provide acoustic improvements within the main office and divide the space.


    Room divider curtains were selected primarily as they were

    • An attractive option to divide the space.
    • Simply to install on the wall or ceiling acorss the space
    • Acoustic improvements for both sound blocking and reducing the echo
    • Heat loss out of the door


    Installing Room Divider Tracks and Curtains into the space

    It was decided to install the curtains 10cm above the reveal of the space. The wall was made out of a plasterboard cover and behind a void with what is thought to be a lintel spanning the space. As the curtains were not going to be very heavy a simple platerboard fixing was used into the plasterboard.

    The curtain track overlapped each side by 10cm which meant the new curtain would have a minimal air gap around it for both heat loss and sound passing around it.

    Benefits of this curtain track

    • The curtain track selected again for a cost perspective was a retail product.
    • It holds ups to 20kg
    • Easy to bend around corners
    • Plastic quiet gliders
    • Ceiling or wall fix




    Choosing the Right Room Divider Curtains

    The curtains that are great for sound proofing between spaces work really well. However the same curtains will not work against road noise over windows. This is because independtly they will give 10-15db reduction but over a window the window and the wall are doing the majority of the work. You may see an improvement of say 1-2db over a window but in reality perceivable.

    So using the Direct Fabrics acoustic herringbone curtains with the duo fleece interlining aswell as the reverse hung vinyl works incredibly well. This means that you get a product that works as a divider and per our video tests has performed at 10db





    Do the Partition Curtains Work

    Simple answer: YES. 

    The curtains have had a very good effect that can be seen on our video in this case study

    The sound has been reduced between the space by 10db. You can read our article on sound reducing and acoustic curtains so you understand the reduction. 10db is nearly half the perceivable sound between the spaces. Example Different between 67 db and 57db is half the sound, so sounds half as loud. 

    Another very noticeable effect of the curtains is that during the winter the draughts and also the thermal insulation in the main office has been greatly improved. The resulting heat retained in the main room has increased. The team no longer complain about being as cold.

    Finally when 3 or 4 of the customer service team use to be on the phone it was very difficult to hear themselves think, now there has been a great reduction in the sound passing around the space and repeating. In simply terms it has deadened the sound in the space. This is called acoustic absorbtion and our curtains have a 0.95 absorbtion coefficient.


    Video of Case Study.



    Direct fabrics were thrilled with the results and we have seen a dramtic improvement across the board with these acoustic curtains in one of our offices.

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