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  • The Benefits of Having Blackout Curtains

    Curtains may seem like an age-old window decoration that doesn’t suit modern-day commercial architecture and interior design. With sleek blinds and shades working their way into minimalist styles, one might wonder if curtains still have a place in most businesses. Curtains have come a long way from simply being decorative to providing more safety and functionality options!

    One of the most popular window decors that many businesses are investing in is blackout curtains. This innovation improves the standard curtain to serve many other functions, such as keeping rooms cool during the hotter months. If you’re trying to decide on what commercial blinds to get, then try considering the reasons why blackout curtains might be a better option for your needs.


    Advantages of Blackout Fabric

    As its name suggests, blackout fabric gives these curtains the ability to cut out light almost completely. It’s ideal for media-rooms and bedrooms and is also often used at hotels. Other commercial establishments such as schools, photo studios, and hospitals can also take advantage of the pitch-dark effect that blackout curtains can provide along with its energy-saving features.



    Aside from blocking out light, blackout curtains are also excellent insulators thanks to the tightly woven fabric. It allows your office space to keep rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, contributing to the significant energy consumption reduction.



    Blackout curtains are opaque and cut-off visibility to give your commercial space the privacy it needs.


    Protection From UV Rays

    Sun exposure can cause damage to both objects and people, especially when sustained for long periods. It can ruin your furnishings, upholstery, and even causes paint to fade and peel. Sitting in an area that is exposed to sunlight will also damage your skin, making blackout curtains a great solution for UV ray protection.


    Noise Cancellation

    Another understated benefit of installing blackout curtains is its ability to dampen noise. It is an excellent solution for businesses situated in noisier areas that can hamper productivity.


    Types of Blackout Fabrics

    In the same way that office blinds come in many different variations and styles, blackout curtains also come in different fabrics. They can also be modified to fit any specific requirements you may have. Here are some of the most popular types of blackout fabrics.


    Thermal Insulated Curtains

    Some fabrics are more efficient at heat-transfer than others. For blackout curtains, your best bet is to go with thermal insulated blackout curtains that reduce heat transfer through room insulation. The result is a cooler room during summers and warmer spaces in the winter.


    Flame Retardant Curtains

    Many blackout fabrics are also made with flame retardant properties, particularly for hotels, hospitals, or care homes. As an employer that prioritises their employees’ safety and property, flame retardant curtains are another excellent investment to make.


    3D Blackout Curtains

    Blackout curtains may feel a little limiting when it comes to the decorative aspect. Fortunately, 3D blackout curtains are becoming very popular as they can be created with patterns and sceneries of your choice. They can add a complementary accent or a unique, personalised look to the room.

    One of the greatest benefits that blackout curtains offer is its customizability. You can choose to make them more moisture-resistant, flame retardant, add patterns, and change its blackout properties.



    While primarily for decoration, curtains are impressive innovations designed to carry out several other functions to help offices and other commercial spaces. From flame retardancy to protection from UV rays and noise dampening, this fashionable interior design element and its modern technological functionalities makes it an excellent choice no matter where you carry out your business!

    At Direct Fabric, we supply fabric requirements for residential and commercial spaces, including hotels, hospitals, schools, and more. Whether your business needs flame retardant curtains or blackout office roller blinds, we can supply your specific needs. Contact us today for free fabric samples and more!

  • 3 Benefits of Picking the Right Curtains for Your Hotel

    If you are running a business in the hospitality industry, you would understand how important it is to offer the best experience possible. After all, they booked your hotel to find a place to stay that is relaxing and comforting, not one that leads to frustration and stress. 

    With that in mind, one surprisingly effective way to maintain a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your hotel is to use the right blinds and curtains in your rooms. Sure, a comfortable bed and a minifridge may make the room feel a little homier, but this does not mean the blinds are any less critical. The right blinds can offer you various benefits. In this article, we'll tell you what those benefits are:


    Enhanced privacy

    One of the most important reasons you want to pick the right blinds or curtains for your hotel room is to add privacy. Remember: your guests go to their rooms to unwind and relax, and the last thing they want to deal with is someone looking through their windows. 

    Regardless of which floor the rooms are at, you will need curtains in all your hotel rooms. Ensure they are thick, durable, and large enough to cover the entire window. The right blinds or curtains will minimize and even eliminate the risk of your guest's privacy being violated, creating a safe and secure environment for your guests to relax. On the other hand, curtains that are too thin will still allow someone to see what is going on inside, and curtains that are too small will leave tiny spots where someone can peer through.


    Improved aesthetics

    The decor is one of the most critical factors you must get right in your hotel. It is what makes you stand you apart from your competitors. It will affect how your guests feel when they enter their rooms. It is also one aspect where your guest will easily spot issues, such as curtains that do not fit.

    When choosing the decor, you must always use designs that are comforting and inviting. For a safe choice in curtains and blinds, pick neutral-coloured options. Not only do they fit with any aesthetic, but they can enhance and tie the look of the entire room together.


    Controllable temperature and light 

    Curtains and blinds do not only help enhance the privacy of your guest rooms. Some are built to control the room's temperature. For example, some curtains are produced with special layers of fabric acting as insulation against the outside temperatures.

    Along with controlling the temperature, curtains also help manage the amount of natural light entering the room. This is essential, especially during the day when your guests may want to block out light to take a nap or do something else. This is important even at night, as the light from certain fixtures such as streetlights can reach rooms.

    Direct Fabrics is a fabric supplier for hotels, care homes, schools, and more. If you need curtains for hotels in the UK, get yours from us today!

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