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As a boarding school and day school soft furnishing specialists we have made curtains for dormitory rooms, main halls and class rooms. We know that have a quality homely environment is important in your students’ performance and we supply wonderful soft furnishings so that your students and staff are comfortable in their environment.

Our team of expert seamstresses are able to produce the finest British made curtain at an incredibly reasonable price. We are always confident in the quality of curtains, our fabrics are sourced and made in the United Kingdom. 

Buy your school soft furnishings with confidence with our family business. If you need help we are here to do full bespoke quote. They are all no obligation. 

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School and Boarding School Curtains

As a company we have been working on a whole variety of institutions, including small primary schools doing nursery’s and also larger boarding schools doing all day rooms and dormitories. We have a full range of fabrics that can work for you for whatever purpose you have in mind. Please speak with one our experts or send a details email with all your requirements so that we can call you at a time that is convenient with information to help with your project.


Dormitory Curtains and Bedding

Your boarding houses at your school have to be homely for your students so that they will enjoy their downtime when not in classes or playing sport. We know that a tastefully completed dormitory will mean that your students are happy in their environment and this will mean they will perform better whilst at your boarding school.

Lets us help you find the curtain fabrics and bedding fabrics that will make the rooms welcoming and so that your pupils will be happy at school. We can do all the rooms the same or we can individually themed rooms or wings. Your preference. Obviously the more economies of scale we can do the greater savings you will obtain on your orders.

We can provide you with wonderful bedding including duvet covers, throws, pillow cases, fitted sheets and more. All our bedding sets that we make our flame retardant and this means that you can have fully certified products that will last and are British Made.


School Hall Curtains and Stage Drapes

 Our fabrics have been designed to work perfectly for long hall drapes. This means that you can get excellent finish for your assembly hall and get luxury curtains made to measure that will fit perfectly. You have a choice of hundreds of curtain fabrics that make up well. Some do not even have to be lined so you can save by just having dimout fabrics.