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BE CAREFUL: Our curtain weight calculator is provided to assist you in choosing curtain tracks and fixing. But please use as a guide as all curtains are made differently and you may have more fabric or weights in your curtains.

This is our curtain calculator and is based on very generic assumptions. It works out the amount of fabric required for standard curtains assuming you are using 35cm for hems, to the nearest width and then creates a square meterage of material and multiplies that by the weight of your fabric fabric.

Weight Calculator

Total Weight (kg)0
Number of Widths0
Flat Length0
Drop Plus Hems0
Square Meterage0

Fabric Weights List

  • Mimas Dimout Fabric 220gms (0.22kg)
  • Velvet Fabric 360gms (0.36kg)
  • Dimouts -200-350gms (0.2kg - 0.35kg)
  • Blackout Iris 400gms (0.4kg)

Lining Weights

  • Unlined Curtains - Zero
  • Polyester 150gms (0.15kg)
  • Dimout 300gms (0.3kg)
  • Blackout 250gms (0.25kg)
  • Acoustic fleece (400gms (0.4kg)

  • Example calculations for Standard Windows

    these are examples of different window sizes with different weight of curtains