Eyelet & Tape Curtain Compatible 3 Sided Bay Curtain Pole 28mm / 35mm Custom Kit to Suit Your Bay

Excl. Tax: £ 201.00 Incl. Tax: £241.20
Excl. Tax: £ 201.00 Incl. Tax: £241.20

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Excl. Tax: £201.00 Incl. Tax: £241.20
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3 Sided Eyelet Bay Curtain Poles:

This is the latest bay window curtain pole that actually works with eyelets. It has a solid construction with a 28mm tube. Using a central supports and the side supports makes everything incredibly well supported and give the eyelet curtain enough space to move around the pole efficiently.

The eyelet bay curtain pole from Direct Fabrics has a elegant and slender finish and works well to complete your bay window with eyelet curtains.

Unlike other bay curtain poles this one is fully compatible with 1 pair of curtains.


Recommend Fitting Heights for Eyelet Bay Curtain Poles

For 135 Degree Bends a maximum fitting height is recommended of 286cm

For 90 Degrees bends a maximum fitting is recommended of 230cm


Why Choose This 3 Sided Eyelet Bay Curtain Pole.

The central support and the end support are extra strong which allows for no brackets to be used in between the main sections of the pole other than the middle, this means that you get a full sweeping effect for the curtains even around the corners.


Your options when it comes to Bay curtain poles:

The pole is available in both 28mm to 35mm diameter. Standard eyelets are usually 44mm an will work very well with the 28mm eyelet bay pole. If you choose the 35mm pole then 50mm + eyelets are slightly better to allow them to move along easily.

There are 4 finishes with the Eyelet Bay Curtain Pole:


 Stainless Steel Curtain Pole

Stainless Steel 

Chrome Effect Curtain Pole


 Spun Brass Effect Curtain Pole

Spn Brass 

Black Nickel Effect Curtain Pole

Black Nickel 


The pole has a choice of 17 finials and these can be selected whilst purchasing




Layout of the Bay Curtain Pole

For L shaped windows you will receive 3 end brackets in total. 2 to be positioned at the end of the longest pole and 1 to be positioned at the end of the shortest pole. The centre bracket is designed to blend into the pole and have a low impact discrete effect, whilst being very sturdy.


Unique Corner Piece & How to Bend the Corner

Passing Bay Curtain Pole Corner

The corner piece has been produced to be able to be bent to the angle required for the bay window all the way up to 90 degrees. The best method is to hold the metal corner piece upto the window and slowly bend it to fit between the 2 straight lengths of pole. Then take down the 2 straight lengths and twist them together with the corner.

Remember whilst bending over your knee it is advisable to use a towel to stop the grooves within the unique corner not to dig into your skin and pinch. Ensure to bend the corner joint in the direction it is meant to be. Thus creating an internal bend. 


Specification of Eyelet Bay Pole Corner

The corner has had grooves cut out of it to enable it to be bent. IT is manufacutured to only be bent once with some adjutment. Please do not bend it back and forth as this will coporimise the strength of the corner. The advice is to mark the angle and then bend the corner close to what is required then adjust accordingly.

When working with the corner piece it should be noted that when connecting pieces together using the joining splices they twist into each other. Be careful not to push as this will damage the system.




Position The Brackets for Eyelets and Curtain Rings.

If you are fitting the pole with a pair of end brackets then the right location is to have one curtain ring in between the finial and the bracket.


Eyelet Pole Brackets and Curtain Rings

Strong Curtain Pole Brackets for Eyelet Bay Curtain PoleSpecification of Heavy Duty Wall Bracket The brackets are made from a solid a cast steel which means they are tough and durable. The kits supplied with Direct fabrics have been tested to  maximum for the 28mm to 16kg and for the 35mm pole set 24kg. These are seriously heavy curtains.

The rings are not required if being used with eyelet curtains, however if you have chosen to use with pencil pleat curtains then you can use the nylon lined curtain rings. 






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Additional Information

Composition No
Flame Retardant Certified Rating No
Delivery 3 - 5 Days Delivery
Operation No
Flame Retardant No
Fabric Style No
Weight Guide No
Pattern Repeat Vertical (cm) No
Fabric Width (cm) No

Tools Required to Check Measure for Curtains

Piece of paper

For recording your


Someone to assist if your
windows are large .

Tape measure

As this will allow you to get a
rigid full length measurement.

Measure the exact width of the recess in three places; at the top of the recess, in the centre of the recess and near the bottom - then take the smallest size.

Measure the exact drop of the recess in three places on the left hand side of the recess, in the centre of the recess and on the right hand side of the recess - then take thesmallest size.

We will take one cm (half an inch) off the finished width size you have given us, to allow for the blind to pull up and down easily. The amount of fabric required will be more than this finished size, This is to allow for fabric hemming.

Measure the width of the actual recess plus an additional amount – Usually from 7cm-15cm (3" - 6") whatever you think looks appropriate.

Measure the exact drop of the recess. The blind would be fitted above the recess, so check the space above and add an amount on to the drop – usually from 15-20cm (6" - 8")

These sizes you have taken will be the size of the finished blind. The amount of fabric required will be more than this finished size this is to allow for hemming.


how to measure for curtains