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6 Products

Direct Fabrics are a leading manufacturer of room divider curtains in UK. Our room divider curtains can be used unlined for a low-cost solution and the curtains in the category are acoustic absorbers so will reduce echoes. If you want the room divider curtains to completely block sound, you can use our acoustic range to block sound even between spaces.

Our room divider curtains are good for bedroom, living and share office partitions, thermally insulated grommet curtain panel. These room divider curtains were crafted from heavy-duty and high quality . They're 90%-99% light blocking, thermal insulated, soundproof, Fade-resistant and especially energy efficient. Our premium heavy weight room divider curtains are ideal for;

sliding doors, studios, workspace, dorms, high ceilings, city loft, factories, cafes, hospitals and so much more!

Room Dividers Curtain Specialists Uk

Sound Proof Curtains
Soundproof / Absorbtion

Our curtains are designed to block and absorb sound. It reduces most noise from outside and reduces echo and noise inside.

Blackout acoustic Curtains

Our Duo Lining is 3pass coated and will stop light entering a space or leaving a space including office lights, street lights and more

Thermal Curtains
Thermal Regulation

Our Curtains are lined with a sealed 3 pass lining that stops heat loss and heat entry.

Fabric Swatches
Beautiful High Quality Fabrics

We offer 1 Main Range, but we can use any fabric with our acoustic lining.

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6 Products

6 Products

Filter your results

6 Products

6 Products

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Room Divider Curtains

Direct Fabrics manufacture a full selection of flame retardant room divider curtains that have been designed to work with either curtain tracks or curtain poles.

The Direct Fabrics of room divider curtain tracks are simple to install and can be attached directly to the ceiling or suspended down with a cubicle style system.

The divider curtain options are various, we can single sided or double sided.

  • Option 1 - Acoustic Dimout Decorative Curtains.

A dimout unlined product that is an acoustic absorber. This then reduces the amount of echo in a space and is also a dimout material so will block 90% of the light so nearly blackout. This then

  • Option 2 - Sound Proofing Acoustic Curtains

Using the same dimout fabric and other layers a sound-reducing curtain that will block 11 decibels of sound between a space if correctly mounted. See our partition videos. The reverse of this material is ivory. 

  • Option 3 - Double-Sided Acoustic curtains

The curtains have the same lining as option 2, but this is sandwiched between another layer of the face fabric. This give the maximum sound blocking of 12db and also is decorative from both sides.

Room Partition Curtains

To partition, a room Direct Fabrics suggest mounting a standard curtain rail like our 5600 rail. This is a simple aluminum rail that will mount into the ceiling and then you can mount one of the curtain options above to partition a room, whether for just a decorative option or a soundproof option.

The acoustic curtains in the range have both an absorption ability. Read our article on sound absorption.

Room Divider Curtain Tracks

Room Divider curtain tracks are heavy duty hand draw or cord is drawn curtain tracks that are ideal suited to hold curtains to be drawn across a space. You can see all our heavy duty curtain tracks here.

Uses for Room Divider Curtains

Our curtains and curtain tracks are used in various spaces including

  • Domestic environment to split rooms in your home to have privacy in different spaces.
  • Village Halls and spaces
  • Offices to partition of storage or meeting room spaces.
  • Exhibition spaces to segment display standard and environments and

Best Sound Proofing Results for Room Dividers Curtains

To get the very best soundproofing for your partitions and room dividers, direct fabrics offers various options.

When purchasing the room divider, make sure you select the correct lining options. 

Option 1 - Single Unlined Curtain - Acoustic Absorption. This is ideal for a face fabric with herringbone on the front or our mimas range. These are perfect for primarily acoustic absorption and screening. They will not block much sound, but they will reduce the echo between spaces. Also, the face of the fabric on the herringbone has a design, and the reverse is a plain fabric

The soundproofing range is made from multiple layers. It has 2 face fabrics on either side with an acoustic barrier and a fleece blackout absorbing layer. This makes the curtains we reducing the sound between spaces of 10 decibels plus.

To get the very best sound performance from your curtains and your curtain screens and dividers.

Mount your curtains from floor to ceiling and have no gaps down the sides. By doing this you will reduce the amount of sound passing from space to space.

Find our best selling room divider curtains, Direct Fabrics manufacture room divider curtains to your exact requirements. IF you want them purely for a decorative purpose then our unlined dimout fabrics are perfectly suited to split your room. Or if you are looking to stop sound passing between spaces then our acoustic fabrics will absorb and soundproof from sound passing from one space to another

All samples are free for our room divider curtains and so are quotation

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