Flame Retardant

Utopia Flame Retardant Blackout Battery Operated Blinds 36 Colours

Excl. Tax: £ 83.32 Incl. Tax: £99.99
Excl. Tax: £ 83.32 Incl. Tax: £99.99

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Excl. Tax: £83.32 Incl. Tax: £99.99
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The Battery Operated Blinds can be easily rolled up or down to achieve the required level of shading. This Blackout Blinds keeps the cool air and the morning sunlight that awakes you from entering your room.

Quiet Operation
Fire Retardant

Suitable for Commercial Use.

Made to Measure
Made to Measure

All Blinds are Made to Measure to your exact requirements.

10 Year Guarentee
10 Year Guarentee

Higest Quality Commercial Roller Blinds

The fabric has a matching acrylic foam blackout backing which makes this fabric PVC free and totally impermeable to light. It is fire retardant and has the same colour on each side of the fabric and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Roller blinds Components

The Utopia Battery Operated Blinds series is affordable and of the highest standard. It is available in several beautiful colorus to ensure a match for any decor.


  • Flame Retardant
  • Blackout blinds are most suitable for bedroom
  • Eco-friendly fabric
  • Easy installation
  • High-quality fabric
  • Battery stays charged for approx 6 months when used 2 times per day.
  • Available in 30 beautiful colours to suit every home style and decor

Colour options

30 Blackout Colours Vertical Blinds

Further Fabrics Specification 

Utopia Blackout Blind Fabric Information

Transmittance is the amount of light and heat transmitted beyond the fabric. The lower the amount, the greater the efficiency. Block/reflect is the amount of heat

and light that is blocked or reflected. The higher the amount, the greater the efficiency. 

Absorption is the amount of heat and light absorbed in the fabric. The higher the amount, the lower the efficiency. 

Ultraviolet protection illustrates how protective the fabric is against ultraviolet rays. The higher the amount, the greater the effectiveness.

Shading Co-efficiency is tested using a single 6mm glass glazing system with and without a blind to obtain solar heat gain measurements. The heat gained with a blind at the window is divided by the solar heat gained without a blind at the window, giving the Shading Co-Efficient. The lower the result the better the performance of the blind at blocking solar heat.

The Direct Fabrics R20B electric roller blind comes with a low voltage battery motor as standard. The white metal brackets have plastic covers, for face or top fixing, on 40mm grooved aluminium barrel. The barrel houses a 7.4v DC motor with electronic limit stops and a slow stop/start feature. The motor is controlled by a remote switch (not supplied) and can be charged by either a mains charger (one supplied per order) or solar panel. The fabric is locked into a groove in the barrel, and it features a white plastic bottom bar as standard. The bottom bar is fabric covered at the front.


There are 2 options for the blinds. Integrates with a standard charger which is included. 1A charge will last approximately 6 months

Or you can use the solar panel that can be connected to the blind so it is constantly charged and ready for use.

Remote Controls

The handheld remote controls are available in 1, 6, or 16 channels depending on how many remotes you wish to use. 

If you are purchasing more than 1 roller blind then select no remote required on all of the blinds except one, then on the last one assign your remote controls to it.

Wall mounted switches are available in 1 or 2 channel options.


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Additional Information

Composition No
Flame Retardant Certified Rating BS5867 Part 2B
colour No
Fabric Style No
Operation No
Weight Guide No
Delivery 7 Day Delivery
Washing / Cleaning Information Face Fabric No
Flame Retardant Yes
Instructions and Brochure No

Tools Required to Check Measure for Curtains

Piece of paper

For recording your


Someone to assist if your
windows are large .

Tape measure

As this will allow you to get a
rigid full length measurement.

Measure the exact width of the recess in three places; at the top of the recess, in the centre of the recess and near the bottom - then take the smallest size.

Measure the exact drop of the recess in three places on the left hand side of the recess, in the centre of the recess and on the right hand side of the recess - then take thesmallest size.

We will take one cm (half an inch) off the finished width size you have given us, to allow for the blind to pull up and down easily. The amount of fabric required will be more than this finished size, This is to allow for fabric hemming.

Measure the width of the actual recess plus an additional amount – Usually from 7cm-15cm (3" - 6") whatever you think looks appropriate.

Measure the exact drop of the recess. The blind would be fitted above the recess, so check the space above and add an amount on to the drop – usually from 15-20cm (6" - 8")

These sizes you have taken will be the size of the finished blind. The amount of fabric required will be more than this finished size this is to allow for hemming.


how to measure for curtains