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An Establishment's Guide to Cleaning Roman Blinds

Thanks to today’s world of ever-impactful interior design, no feature or fixture has helped property owners and hotels maximise the power of their windows than Roman blinds.

Although some may believe that options like automated shades and remote-controlled blinds are the pinnacle of impactful window fittings, the truth is that none of them is as impactful as the fixtures in question. Whether you’re operating a bed and breakfast, managing an international hotel chain, or running a care home, there’s no doubt that a set of Roman blinds can leverage a significant impact.

Why should you invest in them?

Today, Roman blinds are seen as some of the most luxurious and popular choices for modern window treatments because of the way they can elevate the visual impact and experience of any area.

Compared to traditional options made out of canvas or other synthetic materials, these window treatments leverage a much more profitable and desirable turnout that will have any guest satisfied. Whether you’re looking to highlight your lobby or make personal rooms feel much more luxurious, investing in Roman blinds from Direct Fabrics is a decision that will go a long way. In fact, making such a minor change can effectively entice your guests to come back for more! 

One concern you might have regarding Roman blinds

As an establishment that places a premium on cleanliness and maintenance, you’re probably wondering about the whole experience of keeping Roman blinds as clean as a possible

Admittedly, keeping such blinds crisp and clean can easily come off as difficult because of the inherent difficulty that comes with cleaning fixtures, in general. Fortunately, you won’t need to worry about keeping your new fixtures spick and span because they’re much easier to deal with and maintain compared to other available options!

A cleaning guide to all you need to know

When it comes to keeping Roman blinds clean, it’s important to note that there are several main factors that you’ll need to take into account: regular cleaning and stain removal. Let’s go over these critical factors in further detail:

Regular cleaning

As we previously mentioned, keeping Roman blinds in impeccable shape is a relatively simple and quick task, even more so when it comes to carrying out regular cleaning procedures.

When you take the time to clean your blinds with a vacuum to remove dust and loose dirt, it becomes easier to ensure that you won’t need to worry about deep cleans as often. However, it’s important to ensure that your staff gets all the right places which collect the most dust (the top of the blinds) with the right upholstery attachment for the best results!

Stain removal

One of the inherent truths of taking care of window fixtures in any establishment that regularly has guests is that stains are inevitable.

Whether you’ve got a guest-incurred stain from gel, dirt, or food, you’ll need to act fast by using a clean, damp cloth to rub the stain out until it lifts. If a gentle rub doesn’t get the job done, then you may want to stock up on some fabric stain remover and brief your cleaning staff on how to use the solution so that unsightly blotches are quickly taken care of!


As one of today’s emerging window treatment features in today’s world of interior design, Roman blinds are guaranteed to make a world of difference in the look and feel of your establishment. Through this guide's help, you can effectively keep your new window-related investments as clean as possible without making any mistakes or missing out on opportunities along the way!

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