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Choosing the Right Blinds for Your Kitchen Window

The kitchen is arguably the busiest part of the household. Many things happen in a kitchen in a day, such as meal preparation, coffee breaks, and even small talk sessions between family members. If you’re alone, you have it all to yourself, and you’re most likely to spend some time in it to make a very delicious meal all for yourself!

Whatever the case, however, the kitchen can be very busy from generating lots of heat—so much so that it affects the room itself. Aside from the furniture, window treatments can also be affected. A kitchen’s window treatment can help accentuate the physical appearance of the kitchen itself, which brings out the kitchen’s beauty. 

Decorating the window treatment can be a good option, and the most common way to do that is by using blinds. However, there are several factors to consider to make them last longer.

Before selecting blinds for your kitchen windows, you should consider some factors—read on to find out:

Factors to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Blinds




Aside from generating heat from cooking, there are other activities that take place in the kitchen. These include cleaning and washing, and these activities often generate a significant amount of vapour and steam. When moisture gets to your blinds, it, unfortunately, causes them to warp. To prevent this, the blinds you should get must have a high tolerance for moisture.




Cooking is the main source of heat in the kitchen. Your kitchen blinds must be able to take the heat generated by the kitchen, or else they could also warp, much like what happens if moisture gets to them.




It’s essential for you to have a well-lit kitchen so that you can still see what you’re doing, even if the kitchen lights are off. To achieve this, it’s good to get blinds that can let in a significant amount of natural light but, at the same time, protect the kitchen from too much sun. 




There’s always a security risk when it comes to the kitchen. As such, it’s important to choose blinds that can help with security, particularly when it comes to a kitchen fire. If your kitchen blinds are fire-retardant, they can help from avoiding a full-on kitchen fire.




This is also an important factor to consider. Your blinds must be able to strike a balance between hot and cold under different atmospheric conditions, keeping the space cool and comfortable.

The Various Types Of Blinds

Now that the factors to consider are out of the way, below are some of the kinds of blinds that you can get:


Roller Blinds


Roller blinds are the most common type of blinds. They’re made from polyester, which is thick enough to provide insulation and privacy. Another benefit of roller blinds is that they can be adjusted to fit half of your window or the entirety. Cleaning is also effortless to do since all you have to do is wipe it!


Honeycomb Blinds



The honeycomb-like structure in these blinds can trap the air within, making it good protection from the outside cold. The insulation quality of honeycomb blinds can also keep your kitchen cool during hot days. Simply put, you will deeply appreciate it when you are cooking a meal in a hot environment.


Day and Night Blinds


Day and night blinds are named so because of the two-in-one benefits they can offer. It comes with two fabrics: the outer fabric that is made from a translucent material and the inner fabric with slat-like properties. During the day, you can control the flow of exterior light through these slats. At night, you can snap the slats shut for complete privacy.


We can model our homes in a way that they’re like an extension of ourselves, and that certainly goes the same for our kitchen. However, we should also think of ways that we can take care of it aside from cleaning, which is why you should get kitchen blinds installed. Apart from adding an aesthetic value, they are also functional for your space!

Blinds can help in improving the physical appearance of your kitchen. If you’re planning on getting blinds, Direct Fabrics has everything you need! Aside from blinds, we also offer other products, such as flame retardant curtains. Choose from our wide selection of products today!