Understanding Flame Retardant Standard European EN 13773

Flame Retardant Standard EN 13773 - European Flame Retardant Standard


Standards Across Europe

EN 13773 = Class 1,2 or 3 European Standard Textile burning behaviour for curtains and drapes.

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What is EN 13773 - 1,2,3 Flame Retardant Standards – European FR Standards for Curtains

EN13773  is the European flame retardant standard for contract drapery. This is the latest flame retardant standard for drapery and links in with old tests such as BS5867, M1 B1 and other drapery flame retardant tests. It has been introduce


Test standardFlammability classCountry
DIN 4102B1 ("Brandschacht")Germany
EN 13501B-s1, d0Europe
EN 13772 and EN 13773Class 1Europe
NF P 92-503 to 92-505,
BS 5867, 5438Part 2, Type CGreat Britain
NFPA 701PassedUSA
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By using the EN 13773, this interlinks and unifies the results across Europe for testing purposes for 1 market.


Composition of Fabrics – Flame Retardant Standards Europe

Understanding which fabrics pass which tests is important as you can have inherently flame retardant fabrics such as Trevira which are polyester fabrics with the flame retardant yarn so they do not need to be treated. This means they can be washed and they will keep their flame retardancy. Some fabrics that are treated will need to be retreated if they are not inherently flame retardant. Therefore a user needs to be mindful that after dry cleaning they may no longer be flame retardant.


Areas Used

The European flame retardant standards will be required in any commercial environment, a hotel will require EN13773,  M1 B1 standards in Europe and BS5867 in the UK. They are all similar tests but it is required for insurance requirements to ensure that they are certified to avoid any legal risks.


Understanding Different Fabric Flame Retardancy

Durably Flame Retardant

Again these fabric have been chemically treated and will be suitable for washing.

Inherently flame retardant

An inherently flame retardant fabric is made from a yarn that has the flame retardancy already within the yarn like a Trevira. This means it can be washed multiple times and not loose its flame retardancy.



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