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12 Products

Direct Fabrics are leading curtain track suppliers. We are a curtain and blind specialist offering a large range of metal curtain tracks.

Browse the range below and go for either ready made curtain track kits that can be cut down or made to measure curtain tracks to your exact requirements

We work on a personal level so please ask the team for a bespoke quote and we can assist you with purchasing rails from ourselves.

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12 Products

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metal curtain tracks have been specifically chosen to offer you the very best value along with a durable quality product. range has been chosen to cover all aspects of your requirements for metal curtain tracks. Our curtain tracks are quick to hang and will hold medium to heavy weight curtains. The kits we supply have everything included that is necessary to hang your pole simply and efficiently.


Why Choose Metal Curtain Tracks.

Metal curtain tracks are the perfect choice if you are wanting a strong durable product that will last. As they are metal they do not warp and hold their position. So once put up well they will hold in position and mean that you will get the a lovely looking finish. They tone into your room as the colour of the track can fit the room.

Most of our metal curtain poles can be bent to fit bay windows and also fit straight windows. You have the flexibility to ceiling mount or face fix into most windows. You will get total flexibility with our range so you can decide which track will fit your rooms.

Speak with our team on 03301118995 for advice on the perfect track for your room.


Types of Metal Curtain Tracks

Here at Direct Fabrics we try and make buying curtain tracks simple and affordable. Our range has been selected primarily for the contract market so you know they work well and operate under the toughest conditions. Our hotel contracts require a product to work perfectly everytime and have simple easy low maintenace.

Our range is made up of three types of curtain tracks;

Hand Operated - These tracks are worked by hand and walked along or pulled along to the closing position

Cord Operated - These curtain tracks are operated using a cord closing mechanism for a simple solution

Electricly operated - These are done with a push of a button.


Grading of Metal Curtain Tracks and Purposes - Light (voile) Medium (standard) Heavy (surrounds) Stage (front of house)

Our range of contract curtain tracks are of a much higher grade of aluminium to something that would be used in a domestic environment. The main reason for this is that in a commercial space a client just cannot afford for something to go wrong. Our range is heavy duty aluminium and benefits from toughened gliders for simple movement, the brackets are tough aluminium for extra strength

The main method of deciding on a track is the weight tolerance that the curtain tracks can tolerate. By using a simple weight chart a client can decide. We always recommend our heavy weight tracks as then you know it can tolerate more than enough unless your curtains are ridiculously heavy.

Weight Guide for Curtain Tracks

Voile - Light weight drapes.

Medium - Lightish weight fine for nomal windows.

Heavy - Our most common weight category for tracking.

Stage - For front of house stage drapes.


Heavy Duty Curtain Tracks

Direct Fabrics run a full range of contract heavy duty curtain tracks. These are speciifcally designed from strong aluminium and can be fitted easily in a variety of enviroments. The heavy duty tracks can be made with corded or hand operated options. Speak with the team to find the best option contract option for your project.

Use of Heavy Duty Curtain Tracks


Made to Measure Metal Curtain Tracks

95% of our curtain tracks are made to measure so you can get exactly the size that you want either in a hand drawn or a cord drawn. We would recommend going past your window by 15 to 30cm to get the best dressing finish for your windows. 

As the tracks are made to measure all you need to do is open the packaging and install the brackets. the key to a curtain track operating perfectly is a good fixing for the brackets. As the track is only as strong as the bracket when secured to the wall. So always fit with the appropriate wall plug and fixing.


Areas of Metal Curtain Tracks are Used.

Our contract metal curtain tracks are used across various industries due to the robustnuss and simple operation. Our range can be found in the following applications

  • Home Cinemas
  • Care Homes
  • Hotels
  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Cruise Ships
  • Theattres
  • Studios
  • Village Halls
  • Medical Centres

If you have seen a curtain track in a commercial setting Direct Fabrics will be able to supply them.


Location for our Heavy Duty Curtain Tracks

As we manufacture all tracks to size we can install them in a variety of locations. If you are looking for a medium weight curtain track for curtains upto 15kg then our Fineline curtain track will work very well for both bay window curtains installations and long curtain lengths. IT is easily bent on site. 

If you require something else then you can use any of our made to measure extra long curtain tracks for you applications. Even something like a bifold door curtain tracks or even patio doors.



Benefits of using Direct Fabrics

We have over 60 years of soft furnishings experience and are renowned for our transparent pricing and information, we want to give you a simple choice when picking a curtain track and want it to be the best price and quality for the application of your choosing. 



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