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10 Products

Specialist Ceiling Curtain Track Suppliers

Hand Operated

Hand operated for easy movement

Made to Measure
Made to Measure

Made to Measure Ceiling Curtain Tracks

Ceiling Mounted Installation

Can be installed directly into the ceiling. Plasterboard / Timber / Concrete

Medium to Heavy Weight

Our tracks are suitable for all applications

Direct Fabrics are leading supplier ceiling curtain tracks. All tracks in this category can be fixed to the ceiling.

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10 Products

10 Products

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10 Products

10 Products

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Direct Fabrics is the perfect solution for your ceiling mounted curtain tracks!

The perfect curtain track for ceilings

If you're looking for a strong, durable, and affordable solution to your ceiling mounted curtains, our Direct Fabrics track is the perfect option! This track can be installed on plasterboard ceilings and is easy to use. , with no tools required.This Direct Fabrics track is available in a multitude of sizes that are perfect for your needs.

We offer a variety of sizes to suit any size of curtain track.

Allowing you to position your curtains at any height to make the most of your space.

Tall window treatments can make your space feel cozy and inviting. However, if you need to install curtains that hang above the window frames, they will likely never be straight. Raising the curtains to a higher level is an easy solution to this problem.

Why Choose Ceiling Mounted Curtain Tracks

Ceiling mounted curtain tracks are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. They have the ability to give an impression of a room having more space and provide a unique look. Direct Fabrics metal ceiling mounted tracks can hold multiple curtains and can be customized with a number of different glider types for different curtain headings, including standard gliders for pencil pleat, pinch pleat or other tapes curtains. Or they can have isolated cord gliders that are compatible with wave style curtains.

Double Curtain Tracks for Ceilings

Mounting more than 1 track on your ceiling is straight forward and will allow you to have a double application on your window. This usually includes a blackout curtain and a voile. With the voile for privacy during the day and blackout curtains for darkening a room at night. This means the double ceiling mounted curtain tracks give a complete solution with simple installation.

Thing to Rememember when buying Ceiling Mounted Curtain Tracks

  • The track will obviously hang below the ceiling so to measure if you are using pencil pleat curtains to measure from the top of the track to hide the curtains track.

  • When using wave curtains the curtain will sit under the track and will need to be measured from the glider, otherwise the curtain will drag on the floor and will be too long.

  • Again when mounting wave mounted ceiling curtain tracks you will need to position them 10cm infront of the wall as the wave will be either 60mm or 80mm so you want to give it space to move and not drag against the wall.

  • Ensure to to buy a strong and durable curtain track that will last for years and be able to take the weight of your heavy full legnth floor to ceiling curtains.

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