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Direct Fabrics are leading curtain track suppliers. We are a curtain and blind specialist offering a large range of metal curtain tracks.

Browse the range below and go for either ready made curtain track kits that can be cut down or made to measure curtain tracks to your exact requirements

We work on a personal level so please ask the team for a bespoke quote and we can assist you with purchasing rails from ourselves.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Bay window curtain tracks are specially designed tracks that are curved to fit the shape of bay windows, which have an angled or curved wall. Measuring them can be tricky, so we recommend that you consult a professional to measure your bay window track accurately. At Direct Fabrics, we offer a made-to-measure service, and our experienced team can assist you with measuring and installing your bay window curtain tracks to ensure a perfect fit.

At Direct Fabrics, we offer a wide range of bay window curtain tracks, including straight tracks, flexible tracks, and custom-made tracks to suit your specific requirements. Our tracks are available in a variety of materials, including aluminum, plastic, and steel, and come in various finishes, such as white, silver, and black. We also offer a range of accessories, such as brackets and gliders, to complement your bay window tracks.

Yes, we offer a full installation service for all our bay window curtain tracks. Our team of experienced fitters will install your tracks quickly and efficiently, ensuring that they fit perfectly and operate smoothly. We also offer a 5-year guarantee on all our installations, giving you peace of mind that your bay window tracks are installed to the highest standards.

As a family business, we at Direct Fabrics aim to provide a uniquely professional and personalised service for all our customers, however big or small. We work within contract furnishings sectors and have over 60 years of experience, ensuring we provide unparalleled quality in all projects we assist in. We are only too aware that each customer will have individual requirements, whether it’s a metre of fabric or a contract for a hotel, school or nursing home, we’ll be able to tailor our service for you.

All members of our customer service team pride themselves on giving every customer clear concise advice and informing you, whatever stage your order’s at, from quick quotations to receiving free samples, and then post-order. When you pick up the phone, you’re able to speak to the team between 9am-5pm from Monday to Friday. You may even speak to the Director himself as he plays a keen role in the day-to-day operations of the company.

Our humble story started with Joe Simon commenced trading in 1947, his market stall was the place to buy velvet in the North East. The chances are that if you are from the North East, a member of family will remember the ‘curtain men’, Joe and son Martin, from the early days. Nowadays Direct Fabrics is a third-generation family business; for over 60 years we have expanded our business with loyal and dedicated staff.

ECS Enterprises Ltd’s trading entity, Direct Fabrics, still prides itself on the same ethics that Joe and Martin Simon stood by. We share our passion for textiles with all our clients to make your projects run smoothly and ensure the quality of soft furnishings you expect from a British manufacturer. We continue to provide you with a comprehensive range of quality fabrics including bedding, towels and restaurant linens, all at competitive prices. We’re preferred by some of the most prestigious hotels including the Marriot, Sheraton, Hilton and many more.

We look forward to doing business with you and we look forward to receiving any questions or comments you may have.

Edward C. Simon


ECS Enterprises t/a Direct Fabrics

Company Registration - 08543363

VAT Number 181905107

Our fabrics that feature sound absorption coefficients and an acoustic rating have these scores as a result of extensive laboratory testing alongside SRL Acoustics.

Contract curtains are required by law to be flame retardant, they must meet the BS5867 Part 2 Type B/C standards. We at Direct Fabrics offer a large range of fabrics that BSI have accredited with these standards.

Some other accreditations held by our several flame retardant fabrics include:
- NFPA 701 Part 1 & 2
- European EN 13773
- Italian Classe Uno
- IMO FTP Code 2010 Part 7

Bay Window Curtain Tracks

Direct Fabrics has over 50 years experience work in the contract furnishing and domestic sector. Over this period the team have selected some amazing bay window products and based on the checklist below have selected the best products on the market.

If you want to bend the bay window track yourself then we have the fineline product, with its aluminium profile it can be internally bent and outwardly bent for a return across the front of the window.

Our ready made corded option can only be bent internally but works very easily with a simple bend.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Bay Window Curtain Track?

When shopping for bay window tracks you need to decide on the purpose of the track and run through the following checklist;

  • Do i want to operate the track by hand or by cord?

The options for using on a bay window curtain track can be pulled along manually by hand or can be used with a pull cord. In our experience at direct fabrics. It is always better to operate a curtain track by hand unless it is something like a stage where you don't want to be visible. The reason for this is that on lower cost curtain rails you end up straining on a track with the weight. Although modern tracks are better they are prone to being misused by children who will break them if abused.

  • Do i want to wall or ceiling mount the curtain track

Fixing is the secret to the installation of any curtain track product and know where you are going to mount the track and ensure it is easy to fit.

  • What weight of curtains do i want to use on the curtain track?

Our standard ready made bay window curtain tracks are ideally suited for curtains upto 20kg. These would be large blackout lined curtains.

Our range of made to measure bay windows curtain tracks can be made in different profiles and then can be fitted to the area required.

Made to Measure Bay Window Curtain Tracks

Direct Fabrics has the ability to make bay tracks to the size of your window, so all you need to do is mount your brackets directly into the window.

Electric Bay Window Curtain Tracks

Working with electric tracks can be complicated but with our range and you can get an Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatible electric track that has a 40kg weight tolerance that is both stylish and simple to operate. Our electric tracks are exceptional value and work very well.

Bay Window Curtain Track Corded

Our corded bay window curtain tracks can be wall or ceiling mounted and are simple to install. They are durable and can be operated with a heavy-duty nylon cord. Our made to measure corded bay window tracks are suited for L shape window dows, 5 sided bay windows and 3 sided windows. Use our template tool to design the perfect bay window track for your space.

Metal Bay Window Curtain Tracks

Direct Fabrics range has been selected to include metal bay window curtain tracks that make your bay window curtains simple to operate and glide smoothly around the corners of the tracks. As the tracks are aluminium they are simple to glide round and do not get caught on the corners. The aluminium profile is strong enough for even the heaviest curtains

3 Sided Bay Window Track

Standard 3 sided bay window curtain tracks are no issue for our range of ready made tracks and made to measure bay curtain tracks. You can bend yourself onsite with our fineline curtain track

5 Sided Bay Window Rails

Bay Window rails for 5 sided bays seem intimidating but they are nearly as simple as straights. If you use our templates to take all the measurements then you can take the risk out of them. Or you can simply bend them onsite to get the very best finish.


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