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Understanding Permanent Flame-Retardant Fabric: What Is It?

If you are curious about the fabric that manufacturers use to prevent people and places from burning, you need to learn about permanent flame-retardant fabrics. The term can be confusing, particularly the word 'permanent,' but this article will tell you the important things you need to know about this topic. 

Understanding Flame-Retardant Fabrics

In case you do not know, flame-retardant fabrics have flame-resistant properties. That means that in the presence of a fire, the material will not immediately burn. It can also extinguish a fire on its own.

Flame-retardant fabrics can be divided into two types: non-durable flame-retardant finishing fabric and permanent flame-retardant fabric. Non-durable flame-retardant fabrics are fabrics like cotton or polyester that are covered with flame-retardant finishing. This article, however, will talk more about the second type. 

What Is a Permanent Flame-Retardant Fabric?

A permanent flame-retardant fabric is the same as what was described above. It has the 'permanent' term in it because its production process is different from other flame-retardant fabrics. 

The standard method for creating flame-retardant fabric is by soaking it in a specialised mixture. However, this process only provides temporary flame-retardant properties. After 50 or one hundred washes, the fabric's fire-retardant properties will begin to decline.

On the other hand, when making permanent flame-retardant fabrics, the flame-retardant properties are weaved directly to every thread in the material, giving it innate flame-retardant capabilities and making it a more durable material.

What Makes It the Better Fire-Retardant Fabric?

Permanent flame-retardant fabrics are more reliable than other treated fabrics. When washing treated fabrics, some of their flame-retardant properties get washed away, and they need to get treated again for them to retain their effectiveness. Sweat also affects the performance of the fabric, as it can reduce the fabric's flame-retardant features. 

This issue is not a concern for permanent flame-retardant fabrics. Washing them, no matter how many times, will not affect the way they react to fire. You are guaranteed that the fabric's properties will perform the same way as they were originally designed.

Apart from that, this fabric will provide its wearer with protection against other harmful elements. If you work in a field that involves heat radiation, electricity, or metals, wearing clothes using this fabric will help keep you protected. Moreover, this fabric is lighter and more comfortable to use. You will not sweat as much as you will using other protective gear. 


Non-durable flame-retardant fabrics and permanent flame-retardant fabrics might share the same purpose, but they are two different materials. The main difference is apparent in their retardant effect and durability. If you work in an industry that requires protection against heat and fire, consider utilising permanent flame-retardant fabrics in your uniforms, safety gear, interiors, and tools. It is the better choice if you want a fabric that can provide reliable flame resistance for the long run. 

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