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Easy Ways to Fix Roller Blinds That Keep Getting Stuck

Roller blinds are preferred in most offices and commercial spaces. They are available in different patterns, styles, textures, and colours, and they provide many benefits. Office and commercial blinds are easy to operate and are also low maintenance. They are flexible, durable, provide privacy when you need them while also allowing natural daylight to come in. They also come in blackout versions when you want to completely block all the light.

Although it seldom happens, one cause of frustration to some roller blinds owners is when they suddenly get stuck and refuse to go up and down smoothly. When this happens to your roller blinds, try the following fixes first before you bring them to a shop:

Method 1: Search for Obstructions

Sometimes, the rolling blind does not properly roll because something is blocking its way. If this is the case, fixing it is much easier. 

  • Roll down the blinds until you reach their maximum capacity.
  • Inspect all sides and corners of the roller tube and the fabric. Make sure that there are no debris, foreign object, or insects stuck anywhere. 
  • Should you see any of the mentioned objects, gently remove them with a duster or a vacuum cleaner.

Method 2: Fix the Damaged Sides

Another possible cause of the problem is damaged ends on the fabric. Your fabric might have loose threads or hanging threads on some of its sides, and they could obstruct its fluid movement. Look for these imperfections and trim them off using a pair of scissors. Then, try to see if your blinds work smoothly again. 

Method 3: Roll and Reinstall

The next trick you can try is to ease the tension in the roller shade. This method is excellent for cordless roller shades. Here is how to do it:

  • Lower the shade up to its maximum capacity and remove it from its brackets. 
  • Upon uninstallation, try to roll it up again tightly. 
  • Begin reinstalling the roller blind to its brackets and see if there are any changes.
  • If there are none, consider redoing the previous steps two to three times more. Repeatedly doing it can place more tension on the cordless lift, helping it function properly.

Method 4: Check the Brackets  

In some cases, the blinds do not function well because of the bracket. They can get loose or become uneven. To avoid this problem, ensure that the bracket is perfectly level. Try reinstalling them again or use a levelling device to get a perfect balance. 

Method 5: Tighten the Springs

If you experience trouble rolling the blind upwards, the problem could be a loose or uncoiled spring. If this is the case, fixing it is simple. All you need is to get a pair of pliers.

  • Take the roller off its bracket. 
  • Unroll it halfway.
  • Using the pliers, turn the pin on the spring side of the shade until you get the appropriate tension. Make sure that the pawl could still get hooked onto the ratchet. 
  • Place it back onto the bracket and see how it goes.


Roller blinds are an excellent investment to have in your business space. You can get corded blinds or cordless ones—both are easy to use. Fortunately, they are also easy to fix when they are not rolling as they should. Follow the mentioned DIY steps before you decide to have them professionally repaired. If any of these do not work, you can always ask for professional assistance. 

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