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Wave Style Curtain Track Heavy Duty Hand Drawn

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Wall or Ceiling Mounted Wave Curtain Track

Easy Installation
Simple Installation

Top fix or wall fix

Heavy Weight Curtain Track
Heavy Weight

Heavy Duty to 40kg

Made to Measure
Made to Measure

Everything to your exact size

Exceptional Quality
Exceptional Quality

Aluminium Profile Contract Duty

Hand Operated Curtain Track
Hand Operated

Pull across by hand

Complete Kit
Complete Kit

Everything for 1 Installation

Why Choose our Heavy Duty Metal Curtain Track


Features of the Heavy Duty Hand Drawn Track

  • Heavy Duty upto 40kg curtains made from a heavy duty aluminium
  • 1kg per glider
  • Ceiling or wall fix brackets.
  • All components for one installation


Ceiling or Wall Mounted Heavy-Duty Wave Style Curtain Track

The Direct Fabrics heavy-duty hand drawn curtain track can be top-fixed or face-fixed as standard. Its heavy-duty white aluminium track, with a neat square design, is designed for use with large or heavy curtains. The weight tolerance of the runner is 1kg.

The hand-operated is perfectly suited for heavy-duty contract environments, this track can take nearly anything and with good fittings can hold the heaviest of curtains. Meaning it can hold 48kg of curtaining and comfortably be moved along with its 

This track is for both contract and domestic use and is a particular favourite for use in schools and theatres for backdrops and hall curtains. By using a heavy gage aluminium the track has an extremely durable and ideal for all uses.

Glider Options for the Curtain Track

80mm Wave Curtain Gliders
80mm Wave Style Glider

For Wave Style Curtains Only. 80mm Spacing

Suitable Applications for Heavy Duty Hand Drawn Curtain Track

  • Hotel Bedroom Curtains
  • Theatre surround curtains
  • Front of house stage curtains. approx max sizes 10m x 4m with double fullness. Speak with the team to confirm this track will be suitable.
  • Village halls curtain tracks
  • School hall surround curtains
  • Domestic Large Windows.


Benefits of our Heavy Made to Measure Wave Style Curtain Track:

This heavy duty white aluminium track can be used for many large / heavy curtain applications, both commercial and domestic, requiring Hand Drawn drawn operation. Suited for both top and face-fixing scenarios, including availability for use as a curved track, this bestselling Handdrawn solution finds a home in a wide variety of environments.

Mouting Brackets for Wave Style Curtain Track

Wave curtains need to sit away from the wall and so larger brackets are provided to accommodate this. Contact the team for further help or information - Extension wall fix bracket (100-150mm)

Useful Information on Wave Curtain Tracks

Our wave curtain tracks are simnilar to Silent Gliss wave curtain tracks, however they are a non brand. So they work in the same way with an isolated cord and hooks.

To get the wave effect there are a set number of gliders on the track. So if you havent already bought your curtains we suggest waiting until you have your curtain track in position. as this will allow you to ensurte you have the right number of gliders on your curtains

Glider Count per Track

Please read the following, when calculating the number of gliders the number needs to be rounded to the nearest larger size. If using pairs of curtains, then half your track and then find the closest rounded up size. eg. track size 500cm - 500cm / 2 = 250cm/ Gliders will be for 264cm thus 34 gliders per side.

Remember:Remember with pairs of curtains split the track in 2 to get the required number of gliders for the length.
Track Length (cm)Gliders per Track - Single Curtain Track Length (cm)Gliders per Track - Single Curtain Track Length Gliders per Track - Single Curtain
406 53668 1032130
568 55270 104970
7210 56872 106572
8812 58474 108174
10414 60076 109776
12016 61678 111378
13618 63280 112980
15220 64882 114582
16822 66484 116184
18424 68086 117786
20026 69688 119388
21628 71290 120990
23230 72892 122592
24832 74494 124194
26434 76096 125796
28036 77698 127398
29638 792100 1289100
31240 808102 1305102
32842 824104 1321104
34444 840106 1337106
36046 856108 1353108
37648 872110 1369110
39250 888112 1385112
40852 904114 1401114
42454 920116 1417116
44056 936118 1433118
45658 952120 1449120
47260 968122 1465122
48862 984124   
50464 1000126   
52066 1016128   

Further information on Wave Curtains and Tracks


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Customer Reviews

Excellent Customer Service
By Colfeian Ground ltd (Imported from Trustpilot)
15 December 2022 10:25:43 GMT

All the staff were incredibly helpful and knew their products

Experience curtain maker
By Alison Webber (Imported from Trustpilot)
26 November 2022 09:29:32 GMT

I have been making curtains for 30 years.
I have recently become self employed and had to order a track for wave curtains for the first time.
The track was robust the size was spot on and the glider ratio was perfect.

Hopefully more business in the pipeline and this is my go to company for rails..

Thank you for making a nice job stunning.

Happy customer

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Additional Information

Flame Retardant Certified RatingNo
Acoustic Absorption RatingNo
Fabric StyleNo
Weight GuideHeavy 20-40kg
Delivery3 - 5 Working Days Delivery
Washing / Cleaning Information Face FabricNo
Flame RetardantNo
Instructions and BrochureNo

How to Measure For Curtains, Blinds and Tracks.

Pen and Paper

For recording your


Someone to assist if your
windows are large .

Metal Tape Measure

As this will allow you to get a
rigid full length measurement.

Make sure your curtain tracks and poles are fitted in the position you want.

Choose the type of curtains that you would like and how you want to hang your curtains. See our heading styles guide

We recommend fitting your hardware first before measuring, this avoids any issues with not getting the perfect fit.


Measure your window using our main guide. Quick summary below. Remember wave, pinch, and designer headings require slightly different measurement

Measure in 3 places and take the shortest drop – Floors and ceilings can run out.

Double / Triple check your measurements

how to measure for curtains

Choosing your Curtain Track Width

The width of the curtain track should extend past your window this allows for the curtains to stack back away from your window and allow light in.

Measure your recess and then add on 15cm on either side. For acoustics , we recommend further to fully cover the window and the surrounding area. In our test we added an additional 30cm to the width and also made the curtain floor length.

Wave curtains, for every 100cm of track the curtains will stack circa *18cm

Eyelet curtains, they will stack back circa 10cm per *70cm of track width

Pencil Pleat will stack approx 25% of the track width. eg. 210cm track will stack 52.5%

* all dependent on thickness of fabric

Selecting your Curtain Drop

Where to Measure From for Different Type of Curtains

Type of Curtains

Fitted On

Where to Measure from - to desired length

Pencil Pleat Curtains

Curtain Track

Top of the Track - If using a extra wide track or designer track like silent gliss metropole, then measure from the underside of the track.

Pencil Pleat Curtains

Curtain Pole

Measure from small ring at the bottom of eye under the ring, this is where your curtain clips into.

Eyelet Curtains

Curtain Pole – Only

Top of the pole *we add on the upstand to our curtains,

Pinch Pleat Curtains

Curtain Track

The underside of the track

Wave Curtains

Curtain Track Designer Pole

The glider underneath the track. The curtain will sit under the track.

Acoustic Curtains

See Heading Style of Choice above

Same but make sure wider than normal ideally 30cm past either side and 30 above. Also to the floor.


How to Measure for Blinds going Inside the Recess

How to measure for blinds inside thet recess

  • Measure the exact width of the recess in three places; at the top of the recess, in the centre of the recess and near the bottom - then take the  smallest size.
  • Measure the exact drop of the recess in three places on the left hand side of the recess, in the centre of the recess and on the right hand side of the recess - then take the smallest size.
  • We will take one cm off the finished width size you have given us, to allow for the blind to pull up and down easily.
  • Double check your measurements
  • Cord Safety - Mounting Height - We ask for the mounting height of your blinds to allow for the cord to be 150cm off the ground. If mounting at 210cm This is what you enter in the Fitting height box. We make a deduction to ensure the cord is 150cm from the floor. Thus the cord loop will be 60cm

How to Measure Outside of the Recess

  • Measure the recess in 3 places on the width and also 3 places on the drop. Take the widest measurement.
  • Measure the width of the actual recess plus an additional amount – Usually from 7cm-15cm whatever you think looks appropriate. This is for overlap.
  • Measure the exact drop of the recess. The blind would be fitted above the recess, so check the space above and add an amount on to the drop – usually from 7-15cm
  • These sizes you have taken will be the size of the finished blind.

  • Double check your measurements
  • Cord Safety - Mounting Height - We ask for the mounting height of your blinds to allow for the cord to be 150cm off the ground. If mounting at 210cm This is what you enter in the fitting height box. We make a deduction to ensure the cord is 150cm from the floor. Thus the cord loop will be 60cm

Cubicle Tracks you have to measure with right angles from wall to wall where you want the track to go

Draw your room on a piece of paper with a sky view

Now measure from the wall to wall for straight tracks,

L Shape Tracks Measure to a point on the floor and mark with a piece of tape. Then for the other sides measure from the other wall to that point.

Always check for obstructions and fitting issues you may need to work around

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