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3 Methods to Clean Blackout Curtains - Our Guide

Blackout curtains and blackout fabrics are the perfect curtains if you’re looking for something to block out light in a room. As much as we appreciate bright, sunny days, when it comes to getting good and restful sleep, the dark is comforting. Whether it is for your room, other areas of your house, or in a nursery, you can highly benefit from a blackout curtain fabric.

When you use blackout curtains at home, you need to be aware that just like regular curtains, they can also get dusty and collect potential allergens over time. Therefore, you need to know how to clean a blackout curtain fabric properly. Here is a simple process that you can follow:



Use a Vacuum

One of the fastest ways to clean a blackout curtain fabric is to use a vacuum. Before you go for a deep clean wash, vacuuming your curtains at least several times a week is an excellent idea. Take your vacuum and simply vacuum the curtain to gather dirt, dust, and allergens that have accumulated in it. Do this from the front and the back of the panels.



Use a Laundry Soap to Spot Clean

Feeling a bit more OC? Or, if you have more time, you can spot clean your blackout curtains. Remove the curtains from the rod and spot clean it with laundry soap. Gently work on the spot with warm water, soap, and a cloth. Make sure to rinse it right away. Keep in mind never to use any bleach or harsh chemicals, especially if you have dark-coloured curtains with multiple panels.



Do a Deep Clean

Ensure when washing the blackout fabrics you are following the individual care instructions.

The traditional methods of delicate cleaning should be okay to perform, but best to follow the care instructions. Light washing is always recommended on fabrics to reduce the risk of damage.

Fill a tub or a huge sink with warm soapy water. Only use a small amount of soap and place it in the tub. Squeeze the curtains by working the material and twist it to remove any dirt, allergens, and dust from it as gently as possible. Once you’ve thoroughly washed the curtains, rinse it, and remove as much water as possible. You can rinse it once or twice with clean water.


A blackout curtain fabric may be a bit heavier compared to other curtains, which means that deep-cleaning may need more of your muscles to work. Nonetheless, you don’t have to deep clean it every day. You can set aside time for deep cleaning your blackout curtains in a week or even in a month. However, you need to do regular vacuum or spot cleanings to ensure that the blackout curtains remain clean and fresh. That is most important if you have family members who suffer from asthma or allergies.



Cleaning Blackout Fabrics - Care Instructions

All blackout fabrics are different and depending on whether they are flame retardant or tight weave no FR fabrics will require different treatment. Direct Fabrics are specialist in flame retardant hotel blackout fabrics and hotel blackout curtains, we always recommend ensuring you have checked the care instructions per the material

One of the best sellers is the paje flame retardant blackout fabric. These care instructions are taken from that product

40ºC short cycle wash, do not bleach, do not tumble dry & cool iron 110ºC on non-coated side only. Dry clean P sensitive




Cleaning a blackout curtain material isn’t rocket science. It doesn’t involve any special equipment or hard-to-find cleaning materials. You can use your vacuum to clean it, or if you have more time, do spot cleaning on it. Moreover, deep cleaning your blackout curtains is a must, so you should set aside time for it in a week or a month to ensure that it’s thoroughly clean. If you don’t have time to clean your curtains, you can hire cleaning professionals to do it for you. 

If you’re in need of high-quality blackout curtain material for your home, get in touch with us to find the right one for you. We’re happy to help.