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4 Practical Tips in Protecting Your Hotel Guests from a Fire

A fire can strike anytime and anywhere to anyone. No matter how your business establishment has complied with the local codes and set a robust fire protection system in place, it is still subject to a potential outbreak.

Know that your hotel is no exception because faulty appliances, electrical wirings, food preparation and cooking, or playing with a flame inside the hotel room may lead to an outbreak. This won’t only cause damages to your property, but it will also lead to serious injuries and can cost the lives of your hotel guests.

For this reason, it's best to set safety measures in place for your hotel. In this article, we'll share five practical tips in protecting your hotel guests from a potential fire:

1. Set a basic fire protection system

A protection system varies from one business to another. For the most part, however, a business establishment must at least have the basic requirements. For your hotel, here are four essentials that you need to install:

  • Fire alarm: The purpose of this alarm is to provide a warning where it automatically sounds upon detecting smoke or heat. That way, your guests can quickly evacuate.
  • Extinguisher: This basic device is used to stop a small, localised flare before it escalates into a major outbreak.
  • Blanket: This safety sheet is placed over a flame to smother and suppress the flare. With this in place, your guests can prevent the flare from spreading.
  • Sprinkler system: This system consists of water supply in its piping that gets activated when smoke or heat is detected and releases water to stop the flare.

2. Establish escape routes 

As a property manager, you must know that your hotel guests aren't always familiar with the property's layout. If there is a fire outbreak, the chances are that they might get disoriented. Given this circumstance, the best approach is to have a detailed map of your hotel with established escape routes and they must be installed on every hotel door. During emergencies, your hotel guests will know how to safely exit to save their lives. 

3. Install self-closing doors

Another safety measure is to install self-closing doors that work wonder in case of an emergency. For the uninitiated, these doors automatically shut in the event of a fire. However, know that they still allow for manual opening and passage, which is an advantage. It's best to have them installed with fire-retardant materials to mitigate the spread of flame in case of an outbreak.

4. Use flame-retardant materials

It's a wise move for hotels to be constructed and designed with various flame-retardant materials in place. Apart from your walls, floors, and ceilings, you can have fire-retardant curtains, beddings, blinds, and other fabrics in your hotel. If there is a sudden flare, these materials can combat it and prevent it from further spreading. 


At this point, you now know what to do to prevent a fire outbreak from occurring in your hotel. All it takes is to set a basic protection system, establish escape routes, install self-closing doors, set designated areas in place, and use flame-retardant materials. All these will protect your hotel guests from a possible outbreak. Ultimately, safety is a top priority, especially for hotels!

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