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4 Types of Fire Retardant Window Treatments - Our Guide

When investing in window treatments for your home, there are a handful of factors to consider, such as the colour, pattern, durability, and overall efficiency of your window coverings. Some households go for specific features, such as remote control, light control, and water-resistance, among others.

What about the fire retardant capability of window blinds or shades? Has it ever occurred to you to invest in one for you? Think about the kitchen and how easy it is to get impacted by the fire. For this reason, having window treatments with fire-proof materials at home can withstand fire and prevent the furnishings from further damage. 

In this article, we’ll share with you four types of fire retardant window treatments you may want to consider installing in your home:

1. Roller window blinds

Some roller blinds are made of fire-resistant materials, consisting of an extra layer of protection against fire. Typically, these window coverings use various materials, such as woven polyester, which is the mix of cellulose, polyester, and polypropylene. They make up for the fire retardant features of window treatments that are incorporated during the customisation process. Apart from the fire-resistance capability, however, these custom window blinds can also control excess sunlight and heat. 

2. Custom cellular shades

Generally, cellular shades are window coverings that serve to filter light and insulate windows to save energy. These shades, however, can actually be customised as well to have fire-rated fabric. During a fire emergency situation, this fabric helps resist catching fire and prevent the fire from spreading. Apart from this, cellular shades are said to  be one of the most insulative shades available on the market today. In terms of overall functionality, the cellular shades will be your best option for protection against fires at home.

3. Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds have vertical lengths of fabric typically clipped to a sliding track and operated with a plastic chain. During a fire outbreak, they play a major role in controlling the fire spread in large doors or windows. Know, however, that some of these blinds use non-fire-retardant Polymerising Vinyl Chloride (PVC) materials. For this reason, it’s best to check whether or not the shades use fire-resistant materials to protect your residential space from fire accidents.

4. Window drapes or curtains

Contrary to popular notion, some windrow drapes or curtains can actually be fire-resistant. Flame retardant curtains have fabric usually treated with wrinkle-free chemicals that can endure and stand against fire. As pieces of fabric can quickly get consumed by the fire, fire-resistant curtains are perfect for such circumstances. Apart from this wonderful feature, window curtains are also ideal decorative window solutions. They come in various colours, patterns, and styles that can enhance the beauty and functionality of your windows.


As this point, you now know that there are various window solutions available in the market, with some of them ensuring 99 per cent safety through their fire retardant capabilities. Whether you choose fire-resistant curtains, roller blinds, or cellular shades, be sure to opt for window treatments that work for your home and customise them with fire-resistant materials.

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