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Fire Retardant Shades: Why You Need Them and the Different Types

There are a plethora of things you need to consider when choosing the right window treatment. Some factors include pattern, colour, design, efficiency, water-resistant properties, light-controlling, and more. However, there's one more element that you shouldn't forget — you need to ensure it's fire retardant. 

Choosing fire retardant shades is extremely important, especially if you're buying one for a commercial property. In fact, if you have any part of your property where fire safety is important, such as kitchens, you need to select fire-proof window shades.

If you need help choosing fire retardant shades or fire-resistant curtains for your property, it's always a good idea to seek assistance from reliable manufacturers. But before you start selecting the perfect one, it pays to know why you need them and the different types you can consider. 

Let's take a look!

Why Do I Need Fire Retardant Shades?

Like anything, your window solutions have to be flame-resistant. This is because fire is extremely powerful and can destroy all your belongings.

When your windows are in direct contact with flames or high heat, your window can break. And when you're dealing with a broken glass window, the fire can quickly spread throughout the property. 

Standard windows come with UV protection, but integrating fire-proof materials can help prevent other damage and withstand fire hazards. 

Fire-resistant curtains use window coverings treated with chemical flame-retardant and follow the NFPA 701 standard. That's why when you're buying such shades, ensure you're customizing them with fire-resistant materials. 

Different Types of Fire Retardent Shades

  • Roller Window Blinds: These types of window shades are made of fire-resistant materials with an extra layer of protection. Besides preventing fire, roller window blinds also help control excessive sunlight and heat from entering the space. So if you want to ensure your interiors still look captivating while you're getting maximum protection, consider this type of window shade. 
  • Vertical Blinds: Fire tends to spread faster when there are large doors and windows in the area. For this reason, it's important to have vertical blinds installed in your space. However, you need to ensure that your vertical blinds are made from FR material to ensure that you get optimal protection from fires. 
  • Custom Cellular Shades: The great thing about these window shades is that you can customize the shades to help resist catching fires in an emergency by choosing fire-rated fabric. Additionally, cellular shades are incredibly insulative shades. They have become a top choice for people who are looking for protection and functionality rolled into one. 
  • Aluminium Window Blinds: One of the best choices for fire-resistant window shades is Venetian blinds. Besides adding visual appeal to your space, it does a great job in preventing fires from spreading in surrounding objects, maximizing the safety of your commercial space. 
  • Window Curtains: Finally, one of the best options you can consider is fire-resistant curtains. These curtains are treated with wrinkle-free chemicals and flame retardant that help fight fires. What makes this option awesome is that you can choose decorative fabrics to have a more refined and stylish look in your space while staying protected from fires, of course!

The Bottom Line: You must Take All Measures to Ensure Your Space is Fire-Proof

When choosing window dressings, it's recommended that you choose fire-resistant curtains and shades that are approved by NFPA 701 to ensure that you're safe and belongings are safe at all times. Thankfully, manufacturers like Direct Fabrics can help you choose the perfect one that will best suit your needs. 

Why Choose Direct Fabrics?

With a plethora of things, you need to remember to help protect your space and leave it up to Direct Fabrics when choosing fire-resistant space solutions. 

Whether you have a hotel, hospital, or school, choosing the best fabrics and blinds to help elevate the look of your space and protect the people in it are vital. Thankfully, we have a range of options for you to choose from, and we also have fire-resistant curtains perfect for your space. 

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