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Installing & Maintaining Smoke &Fire Curtains - Our Guide

A fire safety and protection system is imperative in any given business establishment. Along with this is to set a regular inspection and maintenance in place for these systems. Whether fire alarms, fire extinguishers, or sprinkler systems, they ought to be constantly checked and maintained so that they will function as expected when needed.

Critical components of a fire safety and protection system are usually smoke and fire curtains. In this article, we'll share with you our guide on how to install and maintain them:

1. Clear the area where curtains are installed

When it comes to curtain inspection and maintenance, the first step is to clear the area where the fire and smoke curtains will be installed. Doing this particularly applies to vertical, perimeter, and elevator curtains in your commercial building. Make sure these curtains extend from the ceiling to the floor. Likewise, get rid of shelves, garbage cans, and other items in the area beneath the curtains.

2. Perform testing of curtain deployment

Apart from setting the fire and smoke curtains in place, you must also perform the testing of curtain deployment on a regular basis. For the most part, be sure to conduct this at least every six months. Along with the deployment is a fire drill to simulate the actual application of the curtain system in case of a fire emergency so that your business will be compliant with the local fire and building codes.

3. Test back-up power source

Another top consideration is testing any back-up power source as part of testing your smoke and fire curtains. For the most part, this curtain system is connected to the main power source. However, the primary power source may be compromised during a fire outbreak. For this reason, it's best to have a back-up system set in place, which is required to be tested as well for its overall efficacy.

4. Check for wear and tear

During the actual testing stage, it's a good idea to check for signs of wear and tear of your curtain system. This is because they might be damaged, worn out, or stuck with debris and other potential blockages. For this reason, be sure to perform a full inspection and fix any issues to ensure these curtains are in top shape and perfectly working.

5. Document the inspection

When performing regular inspection and maintenance of your curtain system, you must remember to document everything. While you're at it, include the date, time, context of the inspection, damages discovered, as well as actions taken to address any deficiencies. Doing so will ensure that safety measures are set in place and that the company is always compliant with the local fire and building codes.


At this point, we've covered how it is to install and maintain smoke and fire curtains in your business establishment. As outlined above, be sure to clear the area where curtains are installed, perform testing deployment, test back-up power source, check for wear and tear, and document the inspection. With all these in place, you'll ensure that your smoke and fire curtains will foster the utmost safety in your building in case of a fire emergency!

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