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Measuring Guide: Basic Window Tracks

When quoting for a track we will ask you some or all of the following measurements/specifications. Please give us all measurements in centimetres.

Track width: The first thing you will need to establish is how long you need your track to be. We recommend having the tracks extended around 15cm past the edge of your window recess.

Hand Drawn vs Corded: You will need to decide if you would like a hand drawn track or a corded track. A hand drawn track is a standard track where you pull the curtains closed and open with your hands. A corded track will be controlled by a cord at one side of the track. If you decide to go for a corded track, we will need to know if you would like the cord on the left side or the right side (when facing the curtains). We will also need to know the fitting height from the floor (please refer to the next step for this).

Fitting Height: Next you will need to decide the mounting height of your track. We recommend around 15cm above your window recess. For corded tracks we will need to know the fitting height from the floor to work out the cord length.

Fixing: Please decide if you will be face/wall fixing the track, or if you will be top/ceiling fixing the track. We will send you the correct brackets depending on your fixing method.

Stacking: Stacking will vary depending on if you’re having a pair of curtains which split in the middle and draw outwards to either side (we call this split stack), or if you’re having one long single curtain to be drawn to one side (we call this single stacking, and we will need to know if you want the curtain to stack to the left or the right side of the track when facing the curtain.)

Please refer to the track guide, or speak to a member of the team to establish the best track for you.
Here is the link to all of our tracks:

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