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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Office Vertical Blinds

Office blinds have always been deemed a necessary element in the workspace. They’re quite practical to use while offering aesthetic value to any area, especially those with huge glass panes. In fact, vertical blinds are one of the highly demanded window furnishings in offices right now. While they’ve proven themselves to be functional and visually appealing, installing them in the wrong way or place won’t give you the same result. So if you want to avoid any potential problems with the use of vertical blinds, be in the know of these common installation mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not Considering the Interiors of the Office

Following your preference is an essential aspect of choosing the right type of blind for your office, but that’s not the most important aspect. You need to consider first the interior of your office. Otherwise, your choice of colour and style may not match or blend well with your office interiors, making your blinds more of an eyesore than a sensible piece of office furnishing. Pay attention to the style of your office interiors first before making a choice of vertical blinds.

Mistake #2: Choosing Blinds That Are Hard to Clean

An office space that is untidy and disorganised is not exactly a great working environment. It affects your employees’ productivity and even their health. Instead of investing in commercial blinds that are hard to clean, you should rather go for blinds that require minimal maintenance. Having vertical blinds that are easy to clean can cause way fewer headaches and wouldn’t be a sponge for dirt and dust.

Mistake #3: Failure to Inspect the Material During Purchase

Whether you’re getting vertical blinds, flame-retardant blinds, shades, or office roller blinds, it’s crucial to consider the kind of material before making a purchase. You wouldn’t want to buy blinds made from the flimsiest material, especially if you’ll be placing them in areas with heavy traffic. Most buyers usually overlook the importance of the quality of material with which blinds are made, and as a result, they begin to face problems in the future. This is why purchasing vertical blinds made from high-quality materials is a must.

Mistake #4: Not Considering the Window Size

Like any other type of office furnishing, choosing the right size for your vertical blinds is important to make sure it fits the area where it is to be installed. In the case of vertical blinds, the window size is a crucial factor to consider. Making the mistake of disregarding the window size is a disaster and a waste of money. Imagine purchasing a couple of blinds that are too tall for your windows, making it impossible to install them. If you want to avoid problems like that, make sure to properly measure your windows first before purchasing anything.

Mistake #5: Installing Blinds on Your Own

If you think installing vertical blinds can be easily done on your own, then you should think again. One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is to install vertical blinds without professional assistance. You’re bound to make mistakes if you do this yourself, especially if you’re going to install them in multiple areas in your office. If you don’t want any mistakes, you should leave them in the hands of professionals.



If you’re in the process of purchasing vertical blinds for your office, consider these mistakes, so you don’t have to encounter them yourself. Do your research, and as much as possible, ask help from professionals who know exactly what blinds to choose and how to install them properly.

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