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How to Pair Blinds and Curtains Together for a Beautiful Interior

Some people believe that you can only choose between curtains and blinds for window coverings, but this isn’t the case! Contrary to popular belief, using blinds and curtains together is possible and looks pretty nice. All it takes is a clever arrangement of window coverings to elevate the look of your interior.

However, although installing two kinds of window treatments may be a good interior design choice, it can be quite intimidating. For blinds and curtains to look visually pleasing together, it’s crucial to choose the right kinds of window coverings to use. 

Simply putting curtains and blinds together won’t automatically make things look better—you must create a cohesive design and complement the rest of your interior. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the number of options to choose from, don’t worry! Just read our tips below to find out how to decorate your windows with blinds and curtains:

1. Choose a Style for Your Blinds

Before anything else, you must first choose a blind style. Since not all kinds work for every room, you may want to select different ones for each area you’ll install them in. Although the types of your blinds will be different, we recommend choosing blinds in the same colour family so that your interior still looks cohesive.\

Here are some of the most common blind styles to choose from:

Roman Blinds

This type of blinds feature fabric drapes on top of itself in large layers when raised, adding a regal and elegant look. If you want energy-efficient blinds and want to make your interior look sophisticated, this is the right choice for you.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds consist of a headrail and one large piece of fabric that rolls up and down. These blinds have a sleek and minimal silhouette, making them suitable for bathrooms and other small spaces.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are built with slats that run up and down instead of horizontally. These blinds are best suited for bay windows, dining rooms, and living rooms.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are aluminium horizontal blinds that usually come in black and white shades. This type of blind is completely waterproof, so they’re also a good choice for bathrooms, conservatory windows, and patio doors.

2. Try Out Different Prints and Colors

Before purchasing curtains and blinds, make sure that they look good together—don’t be afraid to mix and match various patterns and designs to determine the best combination. We recommend choosing a solid-coloured blind that uses a colour that appears in the printed curtain so that they look easy on the eyes.

3. Consider Beauty and Function

Of course, using both curtains and blinds add a touch of style to your interior, but their appearance isn’t all that matters. When it comes to window treatments, you must also determine whether they are functional or not—they’re meant to provide shade, first and foremost!

If you want to control the light that enters your room, we suggest using curtains made of blackout material. On the other hand, if you want natural light to filter in, then sheer curtains are ideal.


Combining blinds and curtains are one of the best interior design decisions you could ever make! However, to ensure that your window coverings will serve their purpose while looking nice, make sure to follow our tips and search for options in the right places.

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