Stage Backdrop Basics to Know to Find the Right One - Our Guide

Deciding on a stage backdrop can be overwhelming. There are plenty of fabrics and finishes available that can set the overall look and feel of the stage significantly. So, how will you find the right stage backdrop material for you?

The Importance of a Stage Backdrop

A stage backdrop creates the right vibe for your event. Furthermore, the backdrop can be used to conceal unsightly parts. Backdrops are also perfect as advertising spaces when you’re holding a conference or trade shows. Some other practical purposes of a stage backdrop include blocking out light and providing safety.

How Do Choose the Right Stage Backdrop

When looking for a stage backdrop, the first thing to consider is the purpose of your event. Next, you need to take into consideration what you wish to create for your audience.

It all comes down to the type of material used for the backdrop. Here are the different kinds of stage backdrops to choose from:


This type of stage backdrop comes in various materials. It’s ideal for events that require a projection of light effects and images. A popular material used for this type of backdrop is a knitted polyester fabric.


If you’re holding presentations, exhibitions, and performances, then you’ll find a blackout stage backdrop ideal. This type of backdrop features a black rubberised liner that prevents light from showing through behind it.


Perfect for indoor exhibitions, satin comes in a silk-like material that creates a bright and glossy backdrop. Typically, a satin stage backdrop is used for trade shows because it allows for vibrant graphics that will make you stand out.


If you’re looking for ways to create visual effects on stage, a veil stage backdrop is a right choice. It is fine and lightweight and a popular choice for dance and other artistic performances.


Some backdrops come painted with special scenery. However, this is heavier compared to other fabrics because of the thicker muslin or canvas base material.


If you’re looking for a picture-perfect stage backdrop, then you can get a printed stage backdrop. There are various materials that can be used for this type of backdrop.

How to Choose a Finish

When you have chosen a stage backdrop, you also need to consider its finish. The finish is how you prefer to have the backdrop attached to your stage rigging. Most backdrops come with hem and eyelet finish that lets it be tied to a rig easily with the use of tie-wraps or a bungee cord.

On the other hand, you can choose other options, such as stitched edges and pole pockets, or choose one that comes in multiple finishes. Multiple finishes will let you attach the backdrop in various ways.


These are the basic things that you need to know when choosing a stage backdrop. Keep in mind that there are plenty of suppliers out there. The trick is to find a reliable supplier that can deliver a high-quality stage backdrop that will suit your needs.

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