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4 Reasons to Choose Blackout Fabrics For Your Home - Our Buyer's Guide

More than just being a decorative addition to your home, curtains are an overlooked yet essential feature as it helps control the amount of sunlight entering the room. During the day, homeowners can enjoy a warm glow illuminating their space and keep rooms cool while maintaining much-needed privacy throughout the night.

With that in mind, choosing the ideal curtain set for your home can be tricky as a good choice must be as functional as it is fashionable. One that goes above and beyond its benefits includes blackout fabrics. A perennial favourite within the wellness industry, the reason below explores why choosing blackout curtains are the perfect pick for your home’s window treatment.

Controlling Light and Blocking Sunlight

One of the primary purposes of curtains is to control the amount of direct sunlight that enters the room, especially during ungodly hours. Street lamps, car lights, and other light pollutants are disruptions that can contribute to poor quality of sleep, which is where blackout curtains come into play.

Blackout fabrics are built to reduce stress from your bedtime routine by blocking out even the slightest slant of light to create a more relaxing environment. It also helps maintain the level of darkness at any time of the day, allowing homeowners to sleep-in comfortably.

Added Insulation and Reduce Energy Costs

In addition to its full control of light exposure, blackout fabrics also provide better insulation. This naturally thick fabric helps trap necessary heat to keep homes warm during winter, while it keeps hot temperatures from penetrating the interior space once summer hits the season.

Either way, blackout curtains can regulate the room’s temperature and have a direct positive impact on your energy bills. This is because one-third of energy loss occurs through the windows, so curtains serve as cost-effective insulators that can reduce the sky-high amount of utility bills by a whopping 25 percent.

Complete Privacy

Blackout fabrics are unlike any other window treatment as it is designed to completely block out light and keep prying eyes from disturbing your privacy. Curtains can make a world of difference in creating a safe and comfortable environment, especially in rooms where you are most vulnerable in like bathrooms and bedrooms.

Filter Out Noise

Your home is an oasis where you can unwind and have some peace, but outside noises can blare in and break the relaxing atmosphere. Consequently, some blackout fabrics are designed with noise proofing properties that can filter out up to 40 percent of unwanted noise pollution.

Conclusion: Blackout Curtains is Well Worth the Investment

If you’re looking for the ideal curtains for your home, consider the plethora of benefits of blackout fabrics. This pick is a practical choice as beyond serving as an impressive accent to your decor, blackout curtains can completely block sunlight, noise, and even contribute to the reduction of your energy bills with its insulating features.

If you’re looking for blackout fabrics and curtains in the UK, get in touch with us to see how we can help.