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Keep Your Interiors Safe from the Sun with These Tips

Modern architecture can be described as light and airy. It's all about letting the light in, affording more of a natural vibe and excellent ventilation to rooms. This is rooted in elements that are rectangular, geometric and linear, which are ideal for offices.

Modern Windows

Today's office windows have gone well beyond the "peephole" or "quaint" size of yesteryears. Pretty views of the scenery outside the office, both in terms of nature and otherwise, are a great bonus of the new sizes. Some windows are so big, they're floor to ceiling. 

That said, it needs to have a window covering material that can be maximised. The end goal is to strike a balance between style and energy efficiency.

Understandably, this all sounds refreshing and, during winter, gorgeous. However, that will only last until the summer comes around because of the harshness of the sun's heat.

So how do you keep your interiors safe from the harsh rays of the sun? Read on for our tips:

Get the Right Kind of Window Blinds

As previously mentioned, window treatments or coverings are important in order for the sun's harshness not to affect an office's interiors. Window blinds are a great choice to make; they're vertical and horizontal slats, best controlled by cords. The blinds run through the slats, which are being held together by the cords.


1. Roller Blinds


These blinds are fixed on top of a window, rolled around a metal knob. They can be operated through a remote or manually. There's a default blackout feature with these blinds, made of protective and reflective solar materials. They're able to deal with a higher sunlight percentage, which helps the office's interior. With this in use, ultraviolet radiation is also blocked in full.


2. Metal Venetian Blinds


The slats for these blinds are adjustable, so the property owner can control how sunlight enters the room and in which direction. You can also control or adjust the intensity of light that enters the space. Aesthetically, a room gets a gorgeous touch of elegance with these blinds, making them ideal for offices dealing with client-facing work.



Use Blackout Curtains

As the name suggests, these curtains are made with fabric that essentially keeps sunlight out entirely. When hung properly, blackout curtains can block up to 99.9% of sunlight. Their thickness goes farther than typical curtains, but this does not affect their installation. Aside from keeping the occupants of an office safe from heat, these kinds of curtains will also protect furniture. Sunlight can be harsh enough to lead decor to fade and furniture to be damaged considerably.

Another benefit of using these window treatments is energy efficiency. Blackout curtains boost room insulation, so you can enjoy considerable savings with these curtains in use. 


Modern architecture has afforded a number of lovely changes when it comes to windows. They are now much bigger, some even floor-to-ceiling, meant to keep rooms ventilated properly and well-lit through the sun. Window treatments are a key element to preventing the sun's harshness from damaging interiors through modern windows. Consider roller blinds, venetian blinds and blackout curtains.

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