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Village Hall Curtains for Wedding Receptions

We recently did a project for a community village who wanted to use the space for functions but whilst providing the finish of a well established location. It was decided by their community to use a curtain track system round the outside of the room and to use a light weight curtain material for drapes around the outside to add a luxury finish to the space.

Curtain Requirements & Project Details Community Hall Curtains

A British Standard flame retardant fabric.

A luxury feeling fabric at a low price as donations are what funded the community centre.

Fitting and Hanging of tracks and curtains.


Products used for our Village Hall Curtains

Venus supersoft flame retardant fabric. All certified to British Standards BS5867. This fabric is one of our best sellers and always brings a smile to our clients faces when used. There are 36 colour options and it is a dimout fabric so it doesnt need to be lined when used. It has a lovely weight and drapes incredibly well.

Our fitting team was sent to help fit our strong metal curtain tracks and install the 3" curtains with hooks. Our professional curtain fitting team went to the site and installed everything that was required. This meant that we had full control of everything from the measuring and the fitting so the curtain look incredible. There is no risk for our clients as we know what size to make everything to, to ensure that it fits perfectly.


We could not be happier with the curtains installed by the team. The finish is simply excellent and we know that our functions are now second to none. Please see our latest wedding and as you can see the whole environment is sensational. Thank you again for these stunning village hall curtains