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Bay Window Curtain Poles


A bay window curtain pole is made out of metal and allows for the pole to follow the line of the bay window. This is done by using corner joints and by cutting down the individual bars so that it can be manoeuvred into place.


When purchasing bay window poles you need to make sure that you choose either a 3 or 5 sided option. A three sided bay is a standard L shape or part rectangular bay window. The 5 sided bay has the extra and soft bends. If you want the pole to come across the front of the window you need to buy the bay window return kits. These are available for both 28mm and 19mm options. 


The bay window poles have passing rings so that the curtains can pass over the supports. If you have eyelet curtain you will need to have either 3 or 5 panels as they will not pass over the brackets.


They can be easily cut down to the size that you require by using a hacksaw.


We also offer a custom kit, where you can build your own based on our list of components. Do not worry it is easy to make your own.


See Our Range of Bay Curtain Poles Below

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2 Products

2 Products

  • 3 Sided Bay Window Curtain Pole 28mm 4 Colours

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28mm Bay Window Curtain Poles UK


These bay curtain poles are ideal for a simple and elegant finish to your rooms, you can get them to fit any bay window by simply cutting down the parts included and then fitting them around your bay window. The bay window pole is a great solution that allows you to have a modern curtain pole finish in your bay window. No longer do you have to worry about your curtain tracks looking shabby and out dated you can add this and get a great finish.

The standard finial is the sphere which is very simple and will provide a modern finish to your room. We recommend the standard but we can do others, including twist, square and more, please contact for details.



How a 28mm Bay Curtain Pole Works


A bay window curtain pole is designed so that it follows the contours of the window. So for a 3 sided bay window the pole has 2 corner joins which allows for the pole to be shaped with soft bends in order for it to flow around the window. Obviously as metal does not bend easily, knuckle joints allow for an angle upto and past 90 degrees to be applied to the curtain poles. See the product video for how these work.



Passing Supports and C Rings for Bay Curtain Poles 28mm


Our bendable bay window curtain pole also allows traditional heading curtains to pass over the curtain brackets through the use of lowered profile support. This low place supports mean that the "C" rings supplied can pass over the top of the support. So unlike old fashioned bay poles you are able to use 2 curtains the complete way around the pole. A superior solution that provides a stunning effect on your windows.



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