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Fineline Heavy Weight Curtain Double Track Set - Bendable for Bay Windows Metal Curtain Double Track Set White Cut Down Kit

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Double Fineline Heavy Weight Curtain Track - Bendable for Bay Windows Metal Curtain Track White - Cut Down Kit

Quiet Operation
Simple Installation

Top fix or wall fix. Bend by Hand

Heavy Weight Curtain Track
Heavy Weight

Heavy Duty to 20kg

Made to Measure
Can be Cut to Size

Use a saw to cut down to your exact size.

Exceptional Quality
Exceptional Quality

Aluminium Profile

Exceptional Quality
Hand Operated

Pull across by hand

Complete Kit
Complete Kit

Exverything for 1 Installation

Flexible and bendable aluminium curtain track, these curtain tracks are suitable for light to heavyweight curtains. These curtain tracks can bend easily by hand to fit in and out of most bay windows. They Can be fixed and mounted to ceilings or wall.

The Fineline system curtain tracks is incredibly flexible and simple to install, it can be ceiling mounted or wall-mounted and as it is easily bent with the included bars then you can tailor it to every need. The white finish is inconspicuous and will blend into your walls.

This curtain track is ideally suited for users wanting a heavy-duty curtain track that is simple to install and that has the ability to be bent in both directions. This means this bendy curtain track it is ideal for bay windows.

Inside the package are 2 bending rods that are inserted inside the curtain track profile and whilst bending keep the track in shape

The fine line track can be used with double brackets only available in silver and white. This allows you to have a valance in front of the curtain track easily.

The measurement from the top of the profile to the bottom of the hole in the glider is circa 3.4cm.

Each Fineline kit comes with two magnetic centre gliders

What's in the Box - Complete Kit for 1 Installation

***Tracks over 200cm will be in 2 pieces - Connector included****

 Fineline Whats in the Box

Bendable / Flexible Curtain Rail

Our bendable and flexible curtain track is perfect for use in all areas. It has a weight limit of around 20kg per pair and will glide beautifully around your bay and bow windows. Insert the bending rods to the track and bend it over your knee.

How to Bend Your Track

1. Insert the 2 bending rods within the curtain track

2. Roll the track across your knee making sure to make the bend a soft right angle. You do not want a straight right angle. You want it to have a gentle curved radius.

Bending Radius for Fineline Track

How to Bend the Fineline Curtain Track

Additional Information and Accessories

FineLine Curtain Track Components


Benefits of the Fineline Curtain Track

  • Able to hold heavy weight curtains upto 20kg
  • Ability to bend easily both standard and reverse bends 
  • Metal Brackets
  • Complete kits with everything to install to one window
  • Easy to cut down with a hacksaw
  • Stylish and unobtrusive in your room
  • Plastic gliders for quiet operation.


Areas of Use Fineline Heavy Weight Curtain Track - Bendable for Bay Windows Metal Curtain Track White - Cut Down Kit

  • Domestic or Contract
  • Hotel Bedrooms, Bedrooms,
  • Surround Curtains Mid-weight, 
  • Care Home Curtains
  • School Curtains
  • Decorative exhibition curtain tracks


Product Video Fineline Curtain Track

Further Information - What's in the Box

***Tracks will be in 2 pieces 250cm and over*****


Clip in Supports - Wall or Ceiling Mounted





Product Pictures

Metal Bendable Curtain Track

Bay Window Flexible Curtain Track

Strong Metal Curtain Track



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Customer Reviews

Quick and Attentive Service
By Danielle Smith (Imported from Trustpilot)
4 November 2021 10:55:11 GMT

Quick and attentive service. Very happy with the curtain rail and everyone who has contacted me has been lovely!

Quick delivery and product was as it was described.
By James (Imported from Trustpilot)
2 October 2021 13:57:41 BST

Quick delivery and product was as it was described.

Favourably Impressed
By Patricia (Imported on Trustpilot)
26 June 2021 10:53:44 BST

i was very favourably impressed with my first experience with Direct Fabrics. Friendly courteous and helpful, and although they couldnt supply the length of curtain rail I wanted, I would use them again because the service was first class

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Additional Information

Weight GuideMedium - Heavy 20kg
Delivery7 Day Delivery

How to Measure For Curtains, Blinds and Tracks.

Pen and Paper

For recording your


Someone to assist if your
windows are large .

Metal Tape Measure

As this will allow you to get a
rigid full length measurement.

Make sure your curtain tracks and poles are fitted in the position you want.

Choose the type of curtains that you would like and how you want to hang your curtains. See our heading styles guide

We recommend fitting your hardware first before measuring, this avoids any issues with not getting the perfect fit.


Measure your window using our main guide. Quick summary below. Remember wave, pinch, and designer headings require slightly different measurement

Measure in 3 places and take the shortest drop – Floors and ceilings can run out.

Double / Triple check your measurements

how to measure for curtains

Choosing your Curtain Track Width

The width of the curtain track should extend past your window this allows for the curtains to stack back away from your window and allow light in.

Measure your recess and then add on 15cm on either side. For acoustics , we recommend further to fully cover the window and the surrounding area. In our test we added an additional 30cm to the width and also made the curtain floor length.

Wave curtains, for every 100cm of track the curtains will stack circa *18cm

Eyelet curtains, they will stack back circa 10cm per *70cm of track width

Pencil Pleat will stack approx 25% of the track width. eg. 210cm track will stack 52.5%

* all dependent on thickness of fabric

Selecting your Curtain Drop

Where to Measure From for Different Type of Curtains

Type of Curtains

Fitted On

Where to Measure from - to desired length

Pencil Pleat Curtains

Curtain Track

Top of the Track - If using a extra wide track or designer track like silent gliss metropole, then measure from the underside of the track.

Pencil Pleat Curtains

Curtain Pole

Measure from small ring at the bottom of eye under the ring, this is where your curtain clips into.

Eyelet Curtains

Curtain Pole – Only

Top of the pole *we add on the upstand to our curtains,

Pinch Pleat Curtains

Curtain Track

The underside of the track

Wave Curtains

Curtain Track Designer Pole

The underside of the track

Acoustic Curtains

See Heading Style of Choice above

Same but make sure wider than normal ideally 30cm past either side and 30 above. Also to the floor.


How to Measure for Blinds going Inside the Recess

How to measure for blinds inside thet recess

  • Measure the exact width of the recess in three places; at the top of the recess, in the centre of the recess and near the bottom - then take the  smallest size.
  • Measure the exact drop of the recess in three places on the left hand side of the recess, in the centre of the recess and on the right hand side of the recess - then take the smallest size.
  • We will take one cm off the finished width size you have given us, to allow for the blind to pull up and down easily.
  • Double check your measurements
  • Cord Safety - Mounting Height - We ask for the mounting height of your blinds to allow for the cord to be 150cm off the ground. If mounting at 210cm This is what you enter in the Fitting height box. We make a deduction to ensure the cord is 150cm from the floor. Thus the cord loop will be 60cm

How to Measure Outside of the Recess

  • Measure the recess in 3 places on the width and also 3 places on the drop. Take the widest measurement.
  • Measure the width of the actual recess plus an additional amount – Usually from 7cm-15cm whatever you think looks appropriate. This is for overlap.
  • Measure the exact drop of the recess. The blind would be fitted above the recess, so check the space above and add an amount on to the drop – usually from 7-15cm
  • These sizes you have taken will be the size of the finished blind.

  • Double check your measurements
  • Cord Safety - Mounting Height - We ask for the mounting height of your blinds to allow for the cord to be 150cm off the ground. If mounting at 210cm This is what you enter in the fitting height box. We make a deduction to ensure the cord is 150cm from the floor. Thus the cord loop will be 60cm

Cubicle Tracks you have to measure with right angles from wall to wall where you want the track to go

Draw your room on a piece of paper with a sky view

Now measure from the wall to wall for straight tracks,

L Shape Tracks Measure to a point on the floor and mark with a piece of tape. Then for the other sides measure from the other wall to that point.

Always check for obstructions and fitting issues you may need to work around