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3 Ways to Block Out Light in a Bedroom Window to Improve Sleep Quality

Light can serve as a pick-me-up that stimulates wakefulness, alertness, and a spike in energy. That’s why opening the drapes during the morning and afternoon can brighten up anyone’s space, while light exposure at night can hinder one’s ability to fall asleep.

This goes without saying that insufficient darkness in a room throughout the night can leave a major impact on the quality of sleep, which can compromise an individual’s health in many ways.

Making physical changes in the room can create an optimal sleeping environment that can help improve sleeping patterns in the long run. One way to minimize light pollutants is to set up a bedroom for a great night’s sleep, which you can do through the following methods:

Replace Your Current Drapes with Blackout Curtains

Regular drapes are not enough to mimic the darkness you need for a good night’s sleep as slants of light can still pass through the sides and the light fabric. With that in mind, a single layer of block out fabric can effectively keep unwanted light out of your sleeping area.

In addition to blocking light pollutants, the dense, tightly-woven materials from a blackout fabric can also insulate your home against temperature fluctuations and even outside noises. Meanwhile, adding another layer with a blackout backing on top can improve the insulation and boost your privacy even when not utilizing the blackout feature.

To that end, investing in blackout curtains can go a long way in helping regulate your sleep and wake cycle.

Add Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Liners to Your Existing Drapes

If you love the design of your existing drapes, you can improve its functionality by adding a light-blocking feature using thermal insulated blackout liners. Placing the blackout curtain liners behind your current window treatment can provide the best of both worlds as you can enjoy the cosmetic appeal of chintz and lace with the boosted properties of a blackout curtain.

Installing blackout curtain liners are also easy as you only need to attach it to the hooks of your existing drapes. In addition to banishing outdoor lights from ruining your sleep, thermal insulated blackout curtain liners can also reduce noise pollution.

Apply Tint Film to Your Window for Added Heat and Light Blocking Power

Window tints are a cost-effective choice for blocking out sunlight as the film also has other beneficial properties. For one, window tints can lower cooling costs as it can keep the heat from penetrating the room, preventing your HVAC system to work harder during the summer season.

Window tints can also protect your furniture from discolouration due to overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays, along with a boost in privacy all while allowing homeowners an unobstructed view of the great outdoors.

Conclusion: Exploring Different Ways to Block Out Light in a Bedroom

Light pollutants from street lamps and passing cars can disrupt your flow of sleep, which can reduce its quality and affect your health. Creating the optimal sleeping environment is one of the most effective ways to fix your sleeping pattern, so integrating the methods above into your nightly routine can help you achieve deeper and longer sleep.

If you’re looking for blackout curtains for your home in the UK, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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