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3 Window Coverings With Fire-Resistant Materials - What to Choose

Windows are a basic part of any building, but they vary quite a bit in terms of construction and design. As a homeowner or property manager, you can customize the look of your property quite a bit by choosing the right coverings or treatments.

Whether shades, shutters, or blinds, you have to factor in the materials to be used. As much as possible, you have to select flame retardant curtains, blinds, and/or materials to protect your property. Should there be a fire outbreak, these fire-resistant materials can reduce the damage and even save people's lives.

In this article, we'll share the three types of window treatments with fire-resistant materials you may want to consider for the windows of your home or commercial property. Keep on reading to learn more.

1. Solar shades: Utilize polyester materials.

Solar window shades are good at protecting you from the harmful UV rays without prohibiting your view of the outdoors. When it comes to this type of window treatment, it's best to go for high-quality polyester materials with a mix of cellulose and polypropylene. Why? They are proven to be durable, which may last for as long as possible.

When investing in polyester materials for your solar shades, make sure to conduct research. Ask your prospective sellers if they deliver high-quality solar shades with fire retardant materials. From there, you have to decide and buy only from a highly-reputable manufacturer.

2. Shutters: Opt for fire-retardant materials.

Window shutters are known for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of your windows. They are usually solid and stable window coverings consisting of frames with vertical stiles and horizontal rails. Not only do they augment the beauty of your windows, but they also serve functional purposes.

One primary function of window shutters is to protect your property from fire. However, you have to ensure you select fire-retardant materials. They also serve to protect the property against intruders, provide the occupants with some privacy, and insulate your room space.

3. Aluminum blinds: Go for materials with fire-resistant properties.

Also known as mini blinds, aluminum blinds are made of long, narrow slats held together by string. On top of their feature is their aesthetic design with no openings to boast of. However, they have a variety of designs and colour shades that can make your space visually pleasing.

One notable factor to consider in aluminum blinds is that they employ firm and sturdy materials, which are also known to be fire-resistant. Not only do they make you comfortable in your space, but they also keep you safe at all times.


We cannot deny the fact that a fire outbreak has increasingly become common in homes and commercial buildings. Most of these fire outbreaks are a result of the negligence of homeowners or occupants. As accidents are quite inevitable, utilizing window treatments can be your best protection.

As outlined above, you can use choose polyester materials for solar shades, fire-retardant materials for shutters, or aluminum materials for blinds. Whatever materials for window treatments you select, know that it's better to be safe than sorry.

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