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9 Reason to Choose Room Divider Curtains

Gaining popularity at the moment are room divider curtains and curtain tracks. Television shows like BBC 2 Your House made beautiful. The architects are using room divider curtains as quick and cost effective ways to adapt a room and make it a segmented space.

Direct Fabrics are made to measure curtain specialists that provide quality made to measure room divider curtains and curtain tracks.


In the episode, Robert decided to put a raised platform at one of a space with a large curtain wrapping around the space to partition it to allow for the owner of the house to have a temporary bedroom or an office studio space. The couple loves the flexibility that is present and meant that they had a dynamic space that could be adjusted at different times.

A full review of the episode can be found here


List of Why Choose Room Divider Curtains


  1. Incredibly practical / Flexible.

Using the track instead of a permanent wall means that you can open and close when you like and get a feeling of separation quickly and easily. This means you can have segmented relaxing spaces or full open function space.


  1. Decorative

A wall is hard a dull and means you have a rigid structure in your space. A curtain offers a soft and decorative textile. This means you get a flowing soft drape to look at and beak up surfaces. The curtains provide a soft finish to a dull room


  1. Sound Absorbing – Acoustics

Depending on the fabric used in most cases these will be sound absorbing and reduces reverberation in a space and this will give you a cosier environment and also improve the room acoustics.


  1. Sound Blocking – Acoustics

When using purpose chosen room divider curtains they can be sound reducing and sound blocking. A thicker and heavier curtain will offer sound blocking and the heavier you go the more sound they will block. Direct Fabrics has a range of acoustic curtains that will block 11-12 decibels, this is approximately 50% less volume than if the curtain wasn’t there.


  1. Opacity

Depending on the fabric used a room divider can be anything from a voile to a blackout. If you want to partially divide the space then you can use a voile that will soften the light and defuse the spaces. Or if you are after a blackout finish then using a heavier blackout fabric then you reduce


  1. Thermal Benefits

As the curtains can be thick with blackout linings or with multiple layers they are great at blocking heat escaping and also heat entering depending what your trying to do. Either keep a space warm or keep a space cool. This means you can adjust temperatures in spaces just like having walls.


  1. Privacy

When using curtains you can gain the privacy that you want between spaces and have a quick moment of seclusion. When working with walls and fixed objects you are totally away with a curtain you can open the space up again and have the flexibility for a larger space.


  1. Low Cost – Cheaper than a wall

Building a wall in timber or blocks is complex and a skilled tradesman is required and the materials and the time is expensive. A curtain track can start at under £100 and will cover a large space.


  1. Do it Yourself

As the curtain tracks can be installed directly into the ceiling through plasterboard or in to the studs or masonry then anyone can do this with some basic DIY. This means there are no expensive professional fees.


If you are looking for room dividers for a home studio or lounge space then look no further than Direct Fabrics. We offer a large range or room divider curtains and tracks. See the range here