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Keep Your School Safe from Fire All-Year Round: What to Do

Emergencies, like fire, happen unexpectedly, and such incidents do not exempt the school. It is important to keep a learning institution a fire-safe property all year-round, whether during a school year full of children or during vacation time when it is empty. Once your building catches fire, things will never be the same again. Lives are at risk. You will lose your files and all your investment in an instant. Moreover, the school children and teachers will be robbed of a good education and income source, respectively.

If you are a school owner, here are some ways to avoid encountering this serious problem.

1. Check your plug sockets

No one should leave the plug sockets nor extensions unattended. As much as possible, ensure that there are no plugged appliances or equipment, especially those not in use. Above all, make sure they are not overloaded during day time. If a socket or extension is loaded with appliances more than the recommended voltage, it can overheat and later on cause a huge fire.

  • Before the school is emptied, make sure someone checks all sockets, especially during long vacations.
  • Separating the outlets for lights and other appliances can help manage and reduce overheating possibility.
  • Turning the main switch off would also help.
  • Proper placement of these sockets and extension cords is also important. Do not place them under the carpet or near window curtains to avoid igniting more fire when emergencies happen.

2. Keep flammable items away

Papers and some elements in a science laboratory room are common items found in schools that can strongly ignite and spread a fire. Since they cannot be completely removed from any learning institutions, these flammable items should be properly kept in safe areas away from any fire starter.

Heat, oxygen, and fuel are the three elements needed to create a fire. Be wary of these items and keep them at safe storage at all times.

3. Be mindful of the lights

A light turned on for so long can also overheat and cause a fire. After school hours or during a school break, it is important to have some lights on within the property. Make sure to have someone to look over your school during these off-hours or use alternate lights each time. If this is not an option, make sure all lights are turned off before leaving the school.

4. Clean your hallways

A cluttered space is always a fire favourite. When the school hallway is full of dust from wood, plastic, or other chemicals, these too can magnify a fire. Make sure there are no other elements or items scattered around the hallways after school, and keep all exits clear from any types of blockage. This step will help prevent any fire from spreading and will ensure that all emergency exits are ready for use.

5. Use fire curtains

Most fires spread around the property through the curtains. Using fire curtains around the school can help control any movement of smoke, heat, and fire. They have properties that help protect the students or the building from toxic smoke and deadly heat.

These are highly resistant curtains in great designs that can help transform how a room looks. They can also be used as compartmentation and boundary solution and protection to large rooms, such as theatres, sports halls, and more.


Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to fire. Preventing a school fire from happening should not only be limited to the installation of fire extinguishers or smoke alarms. Following the steps mentioned above could also save lives and your property investment.

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