Blackout Curtains vs. Shades: Which Is the Best Choice for Your Home?

Selecting the right window treatment for your home often entails looking at the design. After all, your choice of curtains can make or mar the interior decor of a room and can have an impact on the atmosphere’s mood. However, beyond dressing up your bare windows, considering the fabric material should be the deciding factor. 

Blackout curtains are now a go-to trend in both residential homes and hospitality industries due to its ability to control temperature and block unwanted light from creeping into your space. Combining the two must-have features can keep rooms cosy and comfortable, making it the perfect choice for creating an optimal environment for sleep. 

This begs the question: does it matter if you choose blackout curtains or blackout shades? The guide below should shed some light on the key differences between the two trending window treatments.

Blackout Curtains vs. Blackout Shades

What are the Benefits of Blackout Curtains?

Made from fibreglass, suede, silk, cellulose, polyester, mineral wool, or polyurethane foams, blackout curtains are the iconic window treatments for five-star hotels. It provides a soft touch to an interior’s decor, while custom draperies can enhance the fashionable look by incorporating patterns or prints to your free-flowing fabric.

The best part is that blackout curtains are as functional as it is fashionable as it offers superior blackout qualities with its extra inner liner keeping as much light out of your safe space as possible. Not to mention, blackout curtains come with thermal insulation, allowing you to enjoy comfortable temperatures while cutting back on your electricity costs during summer. 

The heat resistance, noise-cancelling properties, and unparalleled ability to embrace rooms in complete darkness make it the perfect choice for aiding homeowners and guests alike to achieve a relaxing, quiet night of quality sleep. 

What are the Benefits of Blackout Shades? 

If you’re looking to combine convenience and comfort in a glamorous setting, blackout shades are right up your alley with its designer appearance giving your home a touch of sophistication. The roller shades can provide a sleek look that can complement contemporary homes, while its wide-range design options from Romans boast soft to sculpted folds make it a home interior designer’s dream. 

Of course, blackout shades don’t come short in its room-darkening effects, especially if you add sheer shadings. You can minimize the light gaps in between the shades to intensify the darkness, while modern features like the top down bottom up operation and motorization enhances your convenience. 

Conclusion: The Right Pick Between Blackout Curtains and Shades Depends on Your Needs and Taste 

Choosing between blackout curtains or shades largely depends on your needs. If you want to drift off to sleep free from any slants of light and block out noise pollution, blackout curtains are the ideal choice with its multi-purpose qualities. 

Meanwhile, blackout shades can provide just as much darkening to a room, though it may be better placed in living rooms to give it some lifestyle enhancements and dress it in a high-end look. 

If you’re looking for blackout curtains or shades for your home in the UK, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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