Design Basics: 4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Home Curtains

Curtains are those furnishings that you don’t immediately think of when designing a space. However, your choice in curtains can pull a room’s look together or throw it off-balance. A well-chosen set can serve a functional purpose while adding to the personality of your room. Before going curtain shopping, read our guide to ensure you select the best drapes for your home.

Consider function and form—never one without the other

Today, people like their lifestyles simplified. While you might want to retain accessories and furnishings like curtains, make sure you’re choosing a set that does more than dress up your space. If you live in a place prone to forest fires, getting flame retardant curtains gives your interiors an extra layer of protection. Your FR curtains need not be drab; furnishing specialists often have choices of patterns and hues, to suit a variety of colour schemes. Flame retardant shower curtains are also an option that manufacturers can offer. If you don’t live in a fire-prone area, the multipurpose principle still applies—you might need acoustic curtains because you record music or a podcast, or blackout fabric to help you sleep. See how your lifestyle can inform your purchase.

See how materials contrast in the room

Curtains occupy narrow square footage but have great visual impact. Therefore, it’s important to get the right colours for your space. See how your curtains fit into a theme; if the rest of the room is in white and gray, occasional pops of solid colour infuses the place with life. In a similar vein, choose colours that won’t clash with your setup. As a rule of thumb, keep bold patterns to a minimum. You can add visual interest to a formal living room by decorating a single area with big patterns. However, be sure not to overdo it. If you already have patterned pillowcases, choose curtains in a solid colour. Of course, there are exceptions to this, but this often works for many homes. You also need to consider the textures in your room. For example, wool works well in traditional or country-style rooms and blended curtains have more versatility.

Don’t overlook the finials and hardware

Curtain rods and their finials (decorative end screws) should contribute and not distract from your room’s theme. If you don’t plan on deviating from your current theme, consider choosing elaborate fixtures. If you switch your scheme up on a regular basis, however, plain rods and finials may be a better choice. Choose wood or metal fixtures because these last longer and fits the theme of most rooms in a house. If you have fabrics with various weights, you need to have two rods installed—one for your sheer curtains and another for your heavier set. Also, make sure your holdback hooks fit in with your rods and finials. Sometimes this is a separate purchase, so you need to get something that matches.

Purchase multiples of the same pattern

Remember to take your curtains down for cleaning. When you’re doing maintenance work on your curtains, ensure that your room does not look suddenly bare, lose the protection of fire resistant curtains, or suddenly become too loud for recording. Keep multiples of the same fabric or pattern, so that you retain your room’s look between washings. Alternatively, you can decorate your room in a way that allows multiple colour schemes.

In conclusion

Decorating a home is about seeing how personality and lifestyle can come together. If you know exactly how you will use a space, furnishing it will be easier. When choosing materials for your home, consider not just the colour, but also the texture of your furnishings. Sourcing your items from a reputable provider is essential.

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