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School Stage Curtain Installation by Direct Fabrics in Bristol

School Stage Curtain Installation by Direct Fabrics in Bristol

Recently Direct Fabrics recently completed an impressive stage and curtain installation project for a school in Bristol. This blog post delves into the details of this project, showcasing the quality of work, materials used, and the overall success of the installation.


Heavy-Duty Stage Curtain Track

At the heart of this project was the use of a heavy-duty curtain stage track, reverse mounted with tape on the face of the curtain. This approach allowed for a secure and aesthetically pleasing installation. The heavy-duty tracking provided stability and durability, making it perfect for a school setting.

The 540 cm long rail was accompanied by a pair of curtains, each with double fullness. This choice not only added a touch of elegance to the stage but also ensured a full and luxurious look.

Smooth Operation

One of the highlights of this installation was the smooth operation of the curtains. They were designed to open and close using a thick, heavy-duty cord, ensuring that they operated seamlessly across the entire length of the stage. The curtains hung beautifully, enhancing the overall appearance of the stage.

Balance for a Finishing Touch

To complete the look, a valance was added to dress the top of the curtains. The valance was attached using Velcro, providing a neat and polished finish. This detail not only enhanced the aesthetics but also added a touch of professionalism to the stage.

Backdrop and Side Tabs

The client had plans to expand the stage's capabilities by adding backdrops and side tabs. Although the existing stage was functional, it was clear that there were more possibilities for enhancing the school's events. Direct Fabrics' installation provided a solid foundation for these future additions.

Blinds and Child Safety

In addition to the stage and curtains, Direct Fabrics also installed blinds throughout the school's hall. These blinds were equipped with flame-retardant child safety clips to ensure the safety of the school's young occupants. All 150 blinds were hung neatly and dressed beautifully, contributing to the overall aesthetics of the hall.

Client Satisfaction

The school was delighted with the outcome of this project. The combination of the stage, curtains, blinds, and safety measures ensured that the school's events would be both visually appealing and safe for the students. The client's satisfaction was evident, and they were already considering additional enhancements to further elevate their stage.

Conclusion: Stage Curtain School in Bristol

All in all, Direct Fabrics' successful stage curtain installation in Bristol showcased the company's commitment to quality and attention to detail. This project not only met the client's current needs but also provided a foundation for future improvements. The smooth operation, use of heavy-duty materials, and child safety measures all contributed to the success of this installation, making it an excellent example of Direct Fabrics' expertise in this field.